September 20, 2016 Invisible shields above the Earth protect us all from dangerous radiation. New space probes explore how they do it. Read More...

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The Climate Is Not Clear for Change

September 19, 2016 in Dumb IdeasEducationGeologyMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsPolitics and Ethics

Whenever you hear “all scientists agree,” watch out. Groupthink may be at work.

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You Are Free to Read This

September 18, 2016 in Bible and TheologyEducationHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

The question of free will tantalizes philosophers, because the mind-brain distinction is complex.

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Inspiring Life Motivates Designers

September 17, 2016 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsBotanyDarwin and EvolutionHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Here’s the latest collection of bio-inspired designs brought to you by plants, animals, and cells.

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Cassini at Saturn

SaturNews and TitaNews

September 16, 2016 in Amazing FactsAstronomyDating MethodsGeologyPhysicsSolar System

New findings are running rings around planetary theories of old age, particularly in the Saturn system.

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Reality Beats PC

September 15, 2016 in Bible and TheologyEducationHealthHuman BodyMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

The real world fights back against misconceptions about the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of political correctness.

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Can the Same Winds Blow for 42 Million Years?

September 14, 2016 in Dating MethodsDumb IdeasGeologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysics

Uncritical dependence on the Geologic Column forces secular scientists into contorted positions.

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Moon Origin Story Collapses

September 13, 2016 in Dating MethodsGeologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

In a one-two punch, discoveries undermine the accepted story of the moon’s origin and its subsequent history.

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Darwin Demo Falls Short

September 12, 2016 in Cell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasEducationGeneticsMediaPhilosophy of Science

What the new “evolution in action” experiment lacks in Darwin support is compensated by its propaganda value.

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Big Science’s Distorted View of 9/11

September 11, 2016 in Bible and TheologyDarwin and EvolutionMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

America’s leading science journal is out of touch with most Americans when it comes to remembering what happened on 9/11/01.

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Dawn of a Young Ceres

September 10, 2016 in Amazing FactsAstronomyDating MethodsGeologyPhysicsSolar System

The largest asteroid has a problem: she’s too young to get a date.

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Darwin Fish Lacks Tetrapod Legs

September 9, 2016 in Darwin and EvolutionFossilsGeneticsMammalsMarine BiologyPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

You can see a transition between a fish and a land creature in fossils and genes only if you have a vivid imagination.

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Scientism, Heal Thyself

September 8, 2016 in Bible and TheologyDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasEducationMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

The scientific establishment that sees itself as the paragon of rationality needs take an honest look at its human frailties.

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Spiders Play Silk Harps

September 7, 2016 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsDarwin and EvolutionIntelligent DesignPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Spider webs are so finely-tuned, they are like musical instruments that the creatures can strum or listen to.

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Why Astronomers Hammer Planets

September 6, 2016 in Dating MethodsDumb IdeasGeologyIntelligent DesignOrigin of LifePhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

Secular planetary scientists have a skeleton key that unlocks any planetary mystery: the BFH.

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Welcome to the Anthropocene

September 5, 2016 in Dating MethodsEducationGeologyHuman BodyMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

Geologists are adding a new era to the geologic column: the Anthropocene, when humans began man-handling the planet.

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SETI Mania Strikes Again

September 4, 2016 in AstronomyBible and TheologyCosmologyDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasIntelligent DesignMediaMind and BrainOrigin of LifePhilosophy of SciencePolitics and EthicsSETI

Another unexplained anomaly has SETI enthusiasts scrambling for their telescopes.

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Wedding Gown Turns Into Pillar of Salt

September 3, 2016 in Amazing FactsBible and TheologyGeologyIntelligent DesignMediaMind and BrainPhysics

An art project demonstrated the crystal potential of Dead Sea waters.

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Birds and Pterosaurs Flew Together

September 2, 2016 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDinosaursFossilsIntelligent DesignPhilosophy of Science

Does it make evolutionary sense to find birds flying with pterosaurs?

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Human Evolutionists Fall Out of Their Science Tree

September 1, 2016 in Darwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasEarly ManFossilsPhilosophy of Science

Tell a tale, get media attention: did Lucy fall out of a tree, or did paleoanthropologists fall off an empirical limb?

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How the Brain Serves the Mind

August 31, 2016 in Amazing FactsBible and TheologyCell BiologyHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

More sophisticated than any computer, the brain runs many background tasks to aid and assist our conscious choices.

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