Biomimetics Quiz

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Posted on February 16, 2014 in Amazing Facts, Biomimetics, Birds, Cell Biology, Human Body, Intelligent Design, Marine Biology, Terrestrial Zoology

Match the living thing with the technology being developed by imitating its design features.

  1. Common household birds     _______    A.  Surgical robot
  2. Arctic cod      ___________________    B.  Self-organizing robots
  3. Mollusks       _____________________    C.  Strong, lightweight building blocks
  4. Termites       _____________________    D.  Self-guided robot
  5. Human hand       ___________________    E.  Blood preservative
  6. Cells      ________________________    F.  Underwater robot
  7. Bone      _________________________    G.  Perching drone
  8. Honeybee     _____________________    H.  Synthetic fuel
  9. Bacteria     _____________________    I.  Strong, lightweight structures
  10. Sea snake      ____________________    J.  Shatterproof glass
  11. Wrinkled fingers      _____________    K.  Camouflage materials
  12. Cuttlefish       ___________________    L.  Genetic switches
  13. RNA interference       _____________    M.  Energy-absorbing material

Answers:  1-G (New Scientist); 2-E (Science Daily); 3-J (Science Daily); 4-B (Live Science, National Geographic); 5-A (Medical Xpress); 6-C (Science Daily): 7-I (PhysOrg); 8-D (Science Daily); 9-H (PhysOrg); 10-F (PhysOrg); 11-M (Science Daily); 12-K (PhysOrg); 13-L (Science Daily)

Now take the upper-division test.  It’s a work problem.  Go out into the yard and observe some living thing.  Find something interesting about its abilities.  Look into how its design makes it work.  Think of a technology that could imitate that design.  Warning:  This exercise may tempt you to chuck Chuck,* become an entrepreneur and make a lot of money.  “Observing the natural world can clearly lead to improved man-made designs” (Science Daily).

*I.e., to abandon Charles Darwin.  This causes his defenders to up Chuck.



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