Earthrise 2015 LRO

Moon Bombarded by Crashing Theories

January 10, 2017 in AstronomyDating MethodsDumb IdeasGeologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

Strange things happen on our nearest neighbor. Stranger things happen in the heads of theorists trying to figure out our nearest neighbor.

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Wishing Upon Star Formation

November 30, 2016 in AstronomyCosmologyDating MethodsEducationIntelligent DesignMediaPhilosophy of SciencePhysics

Many astronomy articles have a bad habit of assuming star formation without demonstrating or explaining it.

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Activity on Planets Suggests Youth

November 11, 2016 in AstronomyDating MethodsGeologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

Can these processes really have gone on for billions of years?

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Solar System Theories Challenged

October 25, 2016 in Amazing FactsAstronomyDating MethodsPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

“Everything we know about the formation of solar systems might be wrong,” say two astronomers who discovered something “very bizarre.”

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Rosetta Mission Crashes Into Comet Theories

October 3, 2016 in Dating MethodsGeologyIntelligent DesignPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

The historic Rosetta mission has ended with a crash landing. How has it changed ideas about comets?

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More Indications Earth Is Unique

February 25, 2016 in AstronomyCosmologySETISolar System

The late Carl Sagan might be stunned to see today’s astronomers questioning Earth’s “humdrum” status.

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Want Salt on Your Ceres?

December 10, 2015 in Amazing FactsDating MethodsGeologyPhysicsSolar System

Those mysterious white spots on asteroid Ceres could be outcrops of salt. How did vast amounts of salt get out there?

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There’s No Place Like Earth

November 20, 2015 in AstronomyCosmologyDating MethodsGeologyPhysicsSolar System

A survey of known exoplanets finds no real estate as valuable as Earth.

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New Earth Ocean Theory Is All Wet

November 16, 2015 in AstronomyDumb IdeasGeologyPhysicsSolar System

Time to rewrite the textbooks again. Earth started out wet, scientists now claim, overturning decades of dogma.

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Planet Recipe Cooked Up

August 24, 2015 in Dating MethodsDumb IdeasMediaPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

Just add pebbles, stir, and get a planet. Is it real science, or just a game show?

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Planets Defy Bottom-Up Assembly

August 15, 2015 in AstronomyDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasGeologyOrigin of LifePhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

As much as they want to imagine planets forming from dust, secular astronomers run into insurmountable difficulties.

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Seriously, Ceres and Comets Look Surprising

August 5, 2015 in Amazing FactsAstronomyDating MethodsGeologyOrigin of LifePhysicsSolar System

Here are surprises found at asteroid Ceres and Comet 67P by spacecraft arriving there this year.

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Making Up Facts to Fit a Narrative

July 6, 2015 in AstronomyDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasEarly ManFossilsGeologyMammalsPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

To be a good evolutionary scientist, write your narrative first. Then observe things. Finally, make up a model that fits the narrative.

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What to Look for at Pluto

June 3, 2015 in AstronomyDating MethodsGeologyPhysicsSolar System

As New Horizons closes in on Pluto for its July 14 encounter, what questions should be asked?

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Moon Origin Models Require Cheating

June 1, 2015 in Intelligent DesignPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

You can’t get Earth’s moon from a planetary collision without quasi-miraculous tweaks to the models.

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Cosmic Theater

March 4, 2015 in CosmologyDating MethodsDumb IdeasPhilosophy of SciencePhysics

Cosmologists act less like scientists and more like actors, the more that anomalies threaten their paradigm.

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Fish News and Fish Stories: Water You Know?

November 1, 2014 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasFossilsGeologyIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyMind and BrainSolar System

Some marine biology news is amazing; some just plain dumb.

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Every Planet Surprises Secular Astronomers, III: Formation Theories

May 4, 2014 in AstronomyDating MethodsDumb IdeasPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

“Surprise” or “puzzling” are the most common words in news reports about bodies in the solar system. Here are recent examples that discuss the origin of planets.

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Every Planet Surprises Secular Astronomers, II: Outer Planets

May 3, 2014 in AstronomyDating MethodsPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

“Surprise” or “puzzling” are the most common words in news reports about bodies in the solar system. Here are recent examples that discuss the outer planets.

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Extrasolar Planets: Bigger and More Mortal

June 10, 2013 in AstronomyPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

Many of the stars and planets found by the Kepler spacecraft are not earthlike. Also, astronomers have seen planets destroyed by their stars.

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