Natural Selection Favors Illogic

March 5, 2017 in Cell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasEducationFossilsGeologyHuman BodyMammalsMarine BiologyMediaMind and BrainOrigin of LifePhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

Nothing in Darwin’s mechanism guarantees humans will think rationally. Fitness might actually favor stupidity. For proof, look at the reasoning of people who believe in natural selection.

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Let Your Mind Marvel at Its Brain

August 5, 2016 in Amazing FactsBible and TheologyHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of Science

Amazing processes go on in the physical brain that most of our minds do not even know about.

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A Brain Wouldn’t Survive Star Travel

January 6, 2013 in AstronomyHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMind and BrainPhysicsSolar System

Don’t take a star trek unless you want to arrive demented.

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