Design of Life Update: Marine Biology

March 10, 2017 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionEducationIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyMediaPhilosophy of Science

The animal stars of Illustra Media’s “Design of Life” documentaries are still in the news: this time, whales, dolphins, fish and sea turtles.

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Fossils Too Detailed to Be Old

February 17, 2017 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionDinosaursFossilsPhilosophy of Science

When you see exceptional preservation like this, is it credible to assume these animals lived as long ago as Darwinians claim they did?

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Crazy Convergences Distort Darwinism

February 9, 2017 in Amazing FactsBirdsBotanyDarwin and EvolutionDinosaursDumb IdeasMammalsMarine BiologyMediaPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

Get a load of this: Darwinians claim that complex features arose independently multiple times by an unknown process called “convergent evolution.”

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Bird Non-Evolution from Dinosaurs

December 29, 2016 in BirdsDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDinosaursDumb IdeasFossilsIntelligent DesignPhilosophy of Science

Losing traits won’t make a dinosaur fly, and other conundrums in the presumed dinosaur-to-bird evolutionary story.

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Hope, Not Evidence, Drives Astrobiology

August 25, 2016 in AstronomyCosmologyDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasIntelligent DesignOrigin of LifePhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSETISolar System

Earth-size exoplanets are not evidence for alien life. They are evidence for orbiting bodies.

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Platypus Evolution “Remains a Mystery”

August 1, 2016 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasFossilsGeneticsIntelligent DesignMammalsPhilosophy of Science

Evolution spectacularly fails to explain one of the planet’s most intriguing animals.

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Why Short Dinosaur Arms?

July 14, 2016 in Darwin and EvolutionDinosaursFossilsIntelligent DesignPhilosophy of Science

Evolutionists have a new problem with short dinosaur arms, now that an unrelated species has them.

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Why Was Farming Delayed?

June 10, 2016 in Bible and TheologyDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasEarly ManFossilsHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMind and BrainPhilosophy of Science

If intelligent humans were around for hundreds of thousands of years, why didn’t any of them think about farming sooner?

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Fossils Sprout New Tales

April 25, 2016 in BirdsDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDinosaursDumb IdeasFossilsGeneticsGeologyMammalsMarine BiologyPhilosophy of Science

When unexpected things turn up in the fossil record, evolutionists get out their storytelling playbook.

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Anti-Darwinian Observations Require New Stories

April 23, 2016 in Darwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasMammalsPhilosophy of Science

Here are new findings that contradict traditional neo-Darwinian theory.

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More Holes in Evolutionary Theory

April 5, 2016 in Darwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasFossilsGeneticsHuman BodyMammalsMarine BiologyMind and BrainPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

Here are three examples of animals not branching out neatly on Darwin’s tree like they’re supposed to.

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Bird Brain Is a Compliment

March 5, 2016 in BirdsDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDinosaursDumb IdeasFossilsIntelligent DesignMammalsMind and BrainPhilosophy of Science

Birds are as smart as apes, even though long separated in ancestral time according to Darwin.

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Weird Animals You Never Heard Of

March 3, 2016 in Amazing FactsFossilsMammalsMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Welcome to a menagerie of believe-it-or-not creatures that once inhabited our planet (or still do).

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Separating Old Bones from Living Storytellers

January 5, 2016 in BirdsCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDinosaursDumb IdeasEarly ManFossilsGeneticsGeologyHuman BodyMammalsMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of Science

What happens when discrete bones are forced into a continuous narrative where they don’t fit? Answer: storytelling.

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This Is Not Evolution

December 1, 2015 in BirdsDarwin and EvolutionEducationFossilsGeneticsHuman BodyMarine BiologyMediaPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

Evidence often comes with a Darwin label, but let the buyer beware.

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New Fossils, Old Stories

November 23, 2015 in BirdsBotanyDinosaursDumb IdeasFossilsMarine Biology

You can sing any words to the same tune, if you don’t know any other tunes and don’t care how well the syllables rhyme or fit.

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That Doesn’t Look Like Evolution

October 1, 2015 in BirdsDumb IdeasMammalsMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Here are more findings, categorized under “evolution,” that might turn heads and make one say, “Huh?”

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Propping Up Darwin’s Tree of Lie

September 21, 2015 in Darwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasGeneticsMediaPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

A valiant effort to construct Darwin’s tree icon in an open-source way may only serve to perpetuate a myth.

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So Where’s the Evolution?

July 30, 2015 in Darwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasFossilsIntelligent DesignMammalsPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

When you go looking for evolution and find stasis, has Darwin been falsified?

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SETI Believers Are Lost in Space

July 2, 2015 in AstronomyCosmologyDarwin and EvolutionIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSETISolar System

How long can you say “watch this space” till onlookers lose interest?

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