Christianity Could Help Scientists’ Moral Concerns

January 8, 2017 in Bible and TheologyDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasEducationHealthIntelligent DesignMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

When all else fails, look to the Word of God.

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The Evil that Men Do: How Bad Governments Create Poverty

August 17, 2014 in Bible and TheologyEducationHealthHuman BodyMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

Ideas have consequences. When societies deny that all men are created equal, the masses suffer, even when surrounded by rich resources.

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Secular Scientists Continue to Push Leftist Agendas

May 31, 2014 in Darwin and EvolutionEducationHealthMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

Evidence is abundant that secular science organizations and their media outlets are committed to leftist positions on a variety of issues, even on subjects outside of science.

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Communist Explanation for Societal Collapse Offered by Science Site

March 22, 2014 in Darwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

“Scientists” say society is doomed, according to a “research study,” but the explanation is right out of the Marx playbook.

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