Strange and Wonderful Animals Explored

March 5, 2017 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsCell BiologyGeneticsHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyMind and BrainPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Look at what scientists are learning about some common animals, and others not so common.

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The Machinery Behind the Senses

October 21, 2014 in Amazing FactsBible and TheologyCell BiologyHealthHuman BodyMind and BrainPhilosophy of Science

There’s a lot of physical work our eyes, ears, and brain cells perform to support our perceptions of the world.

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Secrets of Sight

August 16, 2013 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMind and Brain

The number of processes involved in eyesight continues to grow, adding more focus and clarity to the miracle of vision.

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