Weekend Biomimetics Showcase

March 11, 2017 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBotanyCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionGeneticsHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

The focus in biology these days is on design. Here’s evidence.

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Inspiring Life Tricks

November 14, 2016 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBotanyCell BiologyGeneticsIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

These tricks are enough to make an inventor run to the patent office.

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Inspiring Life Motivates Designers

September 17, 2016 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsBotanyDarwin and EvolutionHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Here’s the latest collection of bio-inspired designs brought to you by plants, animals, and cells.

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Spiders Play Silk Harps

September 7, 2016 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsDarwin and EvolutionIntelligent DesignPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Spider webs are so finely-tuned, they are like musical instruments that the creatures can strum or listen to.

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Biomimetics Inspires Education

March 7, 2016 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsBotanyEducationHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsPolitics and EthicsTerrestrial Zoology

Students and teachers are catching on to the potential of biological design to inspire good science.

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Small Creatures Have Super Strength

February 9, 2016 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionIntelligent DesignPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

The most amazing physical feats in nature are performed by some of the smallest organisms.

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Nature Inspires Hi-Tech Design

February 6, 2016 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBotanyCell BiologyEducationHealthIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Scientists and engineers continue the gold rush to imitate nature’s solutions to problems.

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Biomimetics Line-Up

December 14, 2015 in BiomimeticsBotanyCell BiologyHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyMind and BrainPhysics

Here’s what’s hot in the trendy science of making things the way nature does it.

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How Animals Keep Warm in Freezing Wetness

November 25, 2015 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMind and BrainTerrestrial Zoology

We shiver to think of going without heavy coats in snow, but snowshoe hares, gophers and birds look perfectly comfortable. What’s their secret?

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Inspiring Designs in Life

October 24, 2015 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsBotanyCell BiologyHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

When scientists look closely at living designs, they think, Wow! That’s cool! I wonder if we could copy that?

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Scientific Progress Is Spelled “Bio-Inspiration”

October 5, 2015 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBotanyCell BiologyHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyPhysicsPolitics and EthicsTerrestrial Zoology

Need fundamental insights into physics and technology? Look no further than the living world.

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Gecko Gripper Picks Up Anything

May 30, 2015 in BiomimeticsCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyMind and BrainPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

The gecko gripper is just one of many exciting developments in the field of biomimetics: the imitation of nature’s designs.

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Life Worth Imitating

July 7, 2014 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBotanyCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

The living treasure chest of biological designs opens wider each week, inspiring human engineers to improve human health and productivity.

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News for the Birds

May 7, 2014 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsFossilsIntelligent DesignPolitics and Ethics

Our human readers are allowed to peek in on these headlines for and about our feathered intellectuals.

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Look Up, Look Down at Natural Design

November 25, 2013 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsBotanyIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Swimmers, flyers, and things that just sit in the sun are the envy of bioengineers.

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Reverse Engineer Living Solutions

September 20, 2013 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBotanyCell BiologyHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Need solutions to practical engineering problems? Save time and effort; see how animals and plants do it.

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Engineers Chase Animals

July 26, 2013 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasHealthHuman BodyIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Inspired by the wisdom inherent in living organisms, inventors and engineers are finding bright ideas.

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Biomimetics for Your Christmas Wish List

December 8, 2011 in Amazing FactsAwardsBiologyBiomimeticsBirdsBotanyCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionHealthHuman BodyHumanityIntelligent DesignIssuesMammalsMarine BiologyMicrobiologyOriginsPhilosophy of SciencePhysical SciencePhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Biomimetics (the imitation of nature) continues to promise cool gadgets and useful materials that will someday yield prized gifts under the tree. Some of them might even save your life.

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