Nature Values Independent Science Journalism

March 17, 2017 in EducationMediaPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

Are independent science reporters less credible than the big players? Given Big Media’s awful track record, the journal editors welcome alternatives.

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Cassini at Saturn

Astrobiology’s Fantasy Universe

March 7, 2017 in AstronomyCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasGeneticsIntelligent DesignOrigin of LifePhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSETISolar System

The media glosses over difficulties in its blind quest to look for the ‘emergence’ of life on other planets.

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Earthrise 2015 LRO

Climate Flap Echoes Political Divide

February 8, 2017 in GeologyMediaPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsPolitics and Ethics

Reactions to a whistleblower’s statements raise the possibility that the climate-science consensus is largely political, not empirical.

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Science Reporting Has Become a Fake-News Scandal

February 3, 2017 in Darwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasEducationMarine BiologyMediaPhilosophy of Science

One reporter in a campus Press Relations office shouldn’t be able to influence the world’s view of science.

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Shameless Bias in Presidential Science

October 16, 2016 in Dumb IdeasEducationMediaPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

Why do “science” news sites go after the Republican candidate only? This is another arena Donald Trump could show is rigged.

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Darwin Demo Falls Short

September 12, 2016 in Cell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasEducationGeneticsMediaPhilosophy of Science

What the new “evolution in action” experiment lacks in Darwin support is compensated by its propaganda value.

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Media Perpetuates Lazy Thinking

July 27, 2016 in Darwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasEarly ManFossilsHuman BodyMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

Lazy reporters don’t do their homework, two critics in different fields complain.

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Secularization of America Accelerates

April 10, 2016 in Bible and TheologyEducationMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

Should America become like Europe? Or should Europe reverse course and return to its Reformation roots?

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Science Journalism Disseminates Propaganda

March 29, 2016 in Darwin and EvolutionEducationHealthHuman BodyIssuesMediaMind and BrainOriginsPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

The current methods of science news reporting don’t educate; they indoctrinate.

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Good Lectures for the Holiday Weekend

November 29, 2015 in Bible and TheologyDarwin and EvolutionEducationIntelligent DesignMediaPhilosophy of SciencePolitics and Ethics

Hear the late Dr. Dr. Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith share wisdom about Biblical creation topics.

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