Design of Life Update: Butterflies

March 8, 2017 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionEducationIntelligent DesignMediaPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

Illustra Media’s trilogy of documentaries only began to uncover the wonders of life. Here are updates on the series’ featured animals, this one on butterflies. Watch an amazing time-lapse video of butterfly wings developing in the chrysalis made by Nipam Patel of University of California at Berkeley. His lab assistant was able to extract tissue […]

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Evolving Butterfly Designs

March 9, 2015 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionIntelligent DesignPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Other than asserting that evolution made them, evolutionists are a-flutter when facing clear evidence of design in butterflies.

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Sticking Evolution to a Stick Insect Fossil

March 21, 2014 in Darwin and EvolutionDinosaursFossilsIntelligent DesignTerrestrial Zoology

A fossil of a mature stick insect was found in China. What’s evolution got to do with it?

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Take Up Insect Watching

July 19, 2013 in Amazing FactsBiomimetics

Insects are among the most diverse animals on the planet, many possessing extraordinary abilities. Here are some kinds worth watching.

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How Intricate Patterns Grow in Flowers, Feathers

May 1, 2013 in Amazing FactsBirdsBotanyCell BiologyGeneticsIntelligent Design

How does a growing flower bud or feather follicle know where to put the intricate colors and patterns on a mature flower or feather? Scientists are beginning to get partial answers.

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Monarch Deposed by Painted Lady

October 19, 2012 in Amazing FactsDarwin and EvolutionIntelligent DesignTerrestrial Zoology

Painted lady butterflies make an even more spectacular migration than the famous Monarchs, observers just found.

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Butterfly Swarm Buries Darwin

July 25, 2011 in Amazing FactsAwardsBiologyDarwin and EvolutionIntelligent DesignIssuesMediaOriginsTerrestrial Zoology

Billions of butterflies, flashing their gossamer wings with brilliant colors, have swarmed over Darwin, leaving him unable to breathe. Figuratively, that is. Illustra Media’s new documentary Metamorphosis, just released on Blu-Ray last week, leaves little room for Darwin’s theory, while making a powerful case for intelligent design. The film is already being hailed as a masterpiece.

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