Scientific Referencing Perpetuates Myths

March 16, 2017 in Cell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasEducationGeologyMediaPhilosophy of SciencePhysics

Most scientific papers contain numerous references. Rather than enhancing scholarship, careless referencing can sometimes advance zombie science.

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Geology Fail: The Problem with Proxies

June 25, 2015 in Dating MethodsGeologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysics

Using an observable data set as a stand-in for a theoretical model can be misleading, as several new geology papers illustrate.

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Keeping Titan Old

June 21, 2014 in Dating MethodsGeologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

As the Cassini orbiter makes its 103rd close pass by Titan, have long-agers found ways to keep it billions of years old?

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Snowball Earth: Manufacturing a Narrative

September 2, 2013 in Dating MethodsDumb IdeasGeologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsSolar System

The press and TV treat presumed scenarios like a “snowball Earth” as historic facts. A look at how the sausage is made, however, shows little empirical meat and mostly filler in a process characterized by tweaking, picking, and constant debate.

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What Do Scientists Know About Prehistory?

January 9, 2012 in Darwin and EvolutionDinosaursEarly ManFossilsGeologyIntelligent DesignMarine BiologyOrigin of LifeOriginsPhilosophy of SciencePhysical Science

Evolutionary biologists and geologists speak of events happening millions or billions of years ago as concrete facts. They are not observational facts, though; they are inferences from indirect evidence. Indirect evidence can often lead to different conclusions; in fact, some philosophers like Duhem and Quine argue for “under-determination of theory by data,” meaning that data can never converge to support just one theory. Some can demonstrate logically that there are an infinite number of theories that can explain a set of data. Evolutionary scientists counter that there are only one or a few that are reasonable (implying that theirs is among the limited set of reasonable ones). Recent discoveries that threaten to overturn past reasonable theories, though, cast doubt on their confidence.

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Evolutionists Flaunt Falsifying Fossils

November 26, 2011 in AwardsCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionDumb IdeasGeneticsGeologyIssuesMicrobiologyOrigin of LifeOriginsPhilosophy of SciencePhysical Science

If Darwin’s theory were true, would you expect to find fossils that haven’t changed for a billion years? Would you expect that kind of stasis for organisms that lived in vastly different conditions than today? Would you expect, furthermore, to find an explosion of diverse forms of life suddenly, without ancestors? Rather than mourn their fate, evolutionists flaunt these falsifying fossils as trophies of their theory.

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Ski Enceladus

October 22, 2011 in Dating MethodsGeologyPhysical ScienceSolar SystemSpace

Want the ultimate in powder snow? Ski Enceladus, a little moon of Saturn. The snow is deep and vast. Drawbacks: except for occasional craters and steep canyons, the land is flat; there are no ski lifts; there is no air; you would weigh one or two pounds, and transportation will cost you billions of dollars. Other than that, science news outlets are advertising it as a great place for snow lovers!

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