The Darwin Fail Comedy Show

January 6, 2017 in Darwin and EvolutionDinosaursDumb IdeasFossilsGeneticsMarine BiologyPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

Darwinian evolution is supposed to innovate new things, not remove them or conserve them. Here are the latest examples of “Darwin Fail” embarrassments.

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Evolutionists Boast of Storytelling

July 22, 2016 in Bible and TheologyBiomimeticsDarwin and EvolutionDinosaursDumb IdeasIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyMediaPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

Some evolutionists not only own up to just-so storytelling; they parade it.

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Plastic Proteins and Turtle Skis

April 18, 2016 in BiomimeticsBotanyCell BiologyEducationIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyMediaMind and BrainPhilosophy of SciencePhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

Here’s news about the latest technologies coming out of biomimetics, the imitation of nature’s designs.

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Weird Animals You Never Heard Of

March 3, 2016 in Amazing FactsFossilsMammalsMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Welcome to a menagerie of believe-it-or-not creatures that once inhabited our planet (or still do).

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Geology Theories Are Not Set in Stone

January 7, 2016 in BirdsDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDumb IdeasFossilsGeologyPhilosophy of SciencePhysics

To be a geologist, you have to have a big imagination and always be ready to have your favorite theory overturned.

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Evolutionists: Give Us Your Best Shot

December 2, 2015 in BirdsCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionDinosaursFossilsGeneticsMarine BiologyPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

News reporters often shout evolutionary evidence with chutzpah. Let’s call their bluff.

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This Is Not Evolution

December 1, 2015 in BirdsDarwin and EvolutionEducationFossilsGeneticsHuman BodyMarine BiologyMediaPhilosophy of ScienceTerrestrial Zoology

Evidence often comes with a Darwin label, but let the buyer beware.

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Notable Vertebrate Fossils

October 27, 2015 in Amazing FactsBirdsDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDinosaursFossilsGeologyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Vertebrate fossils are only a tiny fraction of the record, but they are usually the most interesting to us.

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Animal Excellence Exceeds Mere Survival

April 4, 2015 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsCell BiologyGeologyIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyPhysicsTerrestrial Zoology

A tiny bird could live like other birds do without having to fly non-stop for 1,700 miles. Other examples abound of over-design in the animal world.

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Stunning Fossils Featured

February 24, 2015 in Amazing FactsBible and TheologyDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDinosaursFossilsGeologyMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

A magazine has displayed some of the most amazing fossils of animals that were suddenly captured in unusual situations.

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Fossil Facts and Fantasies

March 25, 2014 in BotanyDating MethodsFossilsGeologyMammalsMarine BiologyMediaTerrestrial Zoology

The stories told about some fossils raise more questions than answers, even with top Darwin spin doctors in the operating room.

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Exceptional Beauty and Design in Animals

March 3, 2014 in Amazing FactsBiomimeticsBirdsIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Here are four animals, some you probably never heard of, that deserve design awards for art and technology.

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Felicitous Fossils Facilitate Phylogenetic Fabling

May 31, 2013 in Amazing FactsBirdsDarwin and EvolutionDating MethodsDinosaursFossilsGeologyMammalsMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Here are some recent fossil finds that, whether they fit or not, are claimed to shed light on evolution.

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Roach Bait Story Highlights Abuse of Word “Evolution”

May 25, 2013 in BotanyDarwin and EvolutionEarly ManHuman BodyIntelligent DesignTerrestrial Zoology

Evolution is one of the most carelessly-used words in science, as several recent articles show. Not all change is evolution the way Darwin meant it.

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Three New Fossil Finds Challenge Evolution

November 3, 2012 in Darwin and EvolutionFossilsMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Three fossil discoveries challenge evolutionary dogma, and the articles admit it.

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Mating Turtles Fossilized Instantly

June 19, 2012 in BirdsDating MethodsGeologyMammalsMarine BiologyTerrestrial Zoology

Evolutionary paleontologists have a mystery on their hands: how did turtles in the act of mating become fossilized?

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Animal Magnetism and Other Wonders

October 30, 2011 in Amazing FactsAwardsBiologyCell BiologyDarwin and EvolutionFossilsGeneticsIntelligent DesignMammalsMarine BiologyMicrobiologyOriginsTerrestrial Zoology

What is it that so attracts us to animals? Is it animal magnetism? Some animals do have magnetic senses that can guide them across oceans. The more we learn about animals, the more we should admire their high-tech equipment. Here are some recent examples of amazing animals, some of them suitable for Halloween decorations.

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Fossil Finds Feed Facile Fables

July 20, 2011 in AwardsBiologyBirdsBotanyDarwin and EvolutionDinosaursDumb IdeasEarly ManFossilsHuman BodyHumanityIssuesMammalsMediaOriginsTerrestrial Zoology

Remarkable fossils continue to come to science’s attention, yielding clues about past ecological conditions. Once in awhile, whole fossil specimens – even graveyards of many organisms – are uncovered, but most fossils are mere fragments. Placing fossils into interpretive stories requires knowledge of other fossils and comparisons with living species. Even then, the history of life is not directly observable. Fossils, being silent, can only show their current state; the lack of access to the past, combined with ignorance of all the clues, leaves room for alternative interpretations. Evolutionists, in their desire to fit fossils into a preconceived story, sometimes go far beyond what the actual fossil evidence is capable of saying – and some of their explanations border on the miraculous.

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