April 20, 2002 | David F. Coppedge

Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week:  The Evolution of TV Dinners

Humans still have genetic memories of feasting and telling stories around the campfire, says Martin Jones at Cambridge University.  That’s why we gravitate toward eating TV dinners in front of the telly.  This opinion is expressed in all seriousness by United Press International, titled “Television dinners linked to evolution.”  Jones calls today’s TV dinners “today’s campfire.”  The article explains, “Martin told the London newspaper [The Telegraph] he believes it is natural for humans to gather and to eat while also consuming information and entertainment.”
    Other scientists are not sure about this idea.  “Martin’s theory has been called ‘unhelpful,’ particularly by groups who attribute child obesity to eating in front of the television.”
    Perhaps a few Darwinians worry that the all-seeing eyes of Creation-Evolution Headlines are ever lurking about the internet, searching for candidates for the SEQOTW prize.

Perhaps there is something to this idea – but in a philosophical, not evolutionary sense.  Lost humans have always amused themselves in Plato’s cave, thinking they understand the world, when in reality, their backs are to the light, and they see mere shadows projected on the wall.  Now, we have Hollywood to deliver the shadows to us in our own homes.  Goes best with the Swanson Pterodactyl Pteriyaki.

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