February 11, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

SETI Outreach Director: “Teach Evolution”

Evolution is the foundation of biology, geology, and astronomy, claims Edna Devore, Director of Education and Public Education for the SETI Institute.  Writing in Space.Com, she finds it hard to believe evolution is controversial (see 12/14/2004 and 11/30/2004 entries).  Why, just look out the airplane window; it’s obvious.  “Evolution is fundamental to modern biology, geology and astronomy.  Ignoring or discarding fundamental scientific understandings of the natural world does not prepare our children well for the future,” she concludes.  “As America strives to ‘leave no child behind,’ it’s time that evolution is not left behind in our science classrooms.”

She’s barking up the wrong tree.  No informed critic is advocating ignoring or discarding evolution.  Whether it can be classed with “fundamental understandings of the natural world” must not be merely assumed, but those on the design side of the controversy (see 01/24/2005 and 11/30/2004 entries and Evolution News blog) want evolution to be taught.  You can’t understand 20th century history or science without it.  Charlie’s little world cruise makes a nice story, and Haeckel’s little drawings make nice cartoons to get the teens to laugh.  Yes, teach evolution – all of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly (see 01/17/2005, 12/30/2004, 11/29/2004, 11/19/2004 and 12/14/2004 entries, and more going back 5 years in these pages).  Teach especially the parts the Darwin Party doesn’t want you to know.  Here; we’ll help.  Try our draft outline of a suggested eight-part comprehensive curriculum on evolution:
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