March 29, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Chicxulub Impact Not a Global Catastrophe

In a surprising reversal of stories told for decades, it appears the dinosaurs did not die from the impact of a large meteor near the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  According to a press release from the Geological Society of America, the Chicxulub Impact occurred too early – 300,000 years too early – to have killed the dinosaurs and many other species.  Researchers found that spherules in the layers estimated to be from the impact do not line up with the iridium layer that marks the Cretaceous-Tertiary (K-T) boundary.  Apparently, no “nuclear winter” occurred, because many sun-loving species like crocodiles and turtles survived just fine.  “Even giant impacts aren’t necessarily global catastrophes,” admitted the press release.  This means the leading contender for the Cretaceous extinction is going extinct itself.

It was such a fun story while it lasted.  It really made for dramatic pseudoscience documentaries on the Discovery Channel and provided animators with a usable motif.  Now, back to the drawing board – or how about this time, as Henry Morris advised, back to Genesis.

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