April 25, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Sea Monster Found Under Davy Yones’ Locker

The deepest dinosaur bone ever found, a part of a Plateosaurus, has been found by Norwegians 1.4 miles under the North Sea floor. This sets a new depth record for a dinosaur fossil. According to Live Science, “Researchers said it’s quite possible there are many more fossils down there.” More on National Geographic News, News@Nature and the BBC.

A four-ton land rover buried in sediment a mile and a half under the seabed – think about it. Does this sound like the setting described in the article: “dry plains with rivers running through them”? If the dinosaur lived in that environment, what happened? Meanwhile, they should look for more down there. What if the dinosaur fossils we find on the surface represent a tiny fraction of bones buried deep under the sea, all over the world?

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