August 7, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Can Evolution Run in Reverse?

Evolutionists in Utah are claiming to have run the evolutionary tape in reverse, says the BBC News: “US researchers have taken a mouse back in time some 500 million years by reversing the process of evolution.”  How can this be? 

By engineering its genetic blueprint, they have rebuilt a gene that was present in primitive animals.
    The ancient gene later mutated and split, giving rise to a pair of genes that play a key role in brain development in modern mammals.

But isn’t engineering a form of intelligent design?  Not if the engineer is Mother Nature, according to Petr Tvrdik, who wins Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week for this concoction of personification and mixed metaphors: “It illuminates the mechanisms and processes that evolution uses, and tells us more about how Mother Nature engineers life.”

No commentary necessary.  The baloney smell tells all.  A question, though: do the BBC science editors lack noses?  Without a sneeze, they held up another fetid chunk from a co-researcher at the end of their report and in a prominent callout box: “It gives a real example of how evolution works because we can reverse it.”  Phew.

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