October 11, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

More Scientists Claim “Hobbit Man” Was Fully Human

It was not a primitive form of Homo erectus that shrunk to a small stature because of being isolated on an island: it was one of us.  That’s what more scientists are saying about Homo floresiensis, the small-skulled pygmy skeletons found in Liang Bua cave on the island of Flores in Indonesia (10/27/2004)  The new announcements can be found in reports on New Scientist, EurekAlert #1, and EurekAlert #2, “Compelling evidence demonstrates that ‘Hobbit’ fossil does not represent a new species of hominid.”
    Robert D. Martin (Field Museum, Chicago) and James Phillips (U of Illinois) argue that the stone tools were made by modern humans, the body proportions do not represent island dwarfism, and “the skull is most likely that of a small-bodied modern human who suffered from a genetic condition known as microcephaly, which is characterized by a small head.”  These conclusions agree with those made in August by another team (see 08/21/2006).
    Martin called for better science next time sensational claims are made.  “There has been too much media hype and not enough sound scientific evaluation surrounding this discovery, Dr. Martin concluded.  ‘Science needs more balance and less acrimony as we continue to unravel this discovery.’”

OK, National Geographic; where’s that apology for the racist artwork?  It’s still on your website.  You’re losing your credibility.

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