November 2, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Former Top Atheist Unveils His Reasons for Believing in a Creator

Antony Flew, formerly an influential atheist, was interviewed by Lee Strobel recently.  Flew explained why he became convinced of the existence of a Creator.  An article and video clip of the interview is available on the Lee Strobel website.

Notice how it was the scientific evidence that convinced Flew to consider the possibility of a Creator, and how once that hurdle was overcome, he became open to consider the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and other things that were off limits by definition in his earlier belief system.  It took courage for this man to face the evidence that contradicted his long-held views.  Though not ready to become a Christian, Flew finds the character of Jesus Christ admirable, but Mohammed and Islam contemptible.
    Speaking of Mohammed, “Islam and Science” was the cover story of Nature this week.  The editors and reporters attempted to give a positive portrayal of Islamic beliefs as conducive to science, though were concerned over how current political regimes suppress it.  You will search in vain for the word “terror” in any of the nine articles, except for one non-judgmental reference and another that puts the blame on the Americans for fomenting it.  (We’ll leave it to your imagination what words would be applied to “Christianity and Science” by the editors of Nature.)  Would that Antony Flew pay them a friendly visit.

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