June 26, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Could Continents Be Flooded?

Picture the tips of the Rocky Mountains sticking out of water.  That’s what would happen if North America did not have enough heat at depth to cause the continent to float on the mantle, reported Science Daily.

A University of Utah study shows how various regions of North America are kept afloat by heat within Earth’s rocky crust, and how much of the continent would sink beneath sea level if not for heat that makes rock buoyant….
    Mile-high Denver’s elevation would be 727 feet below sea level and Salt Lake City, now about 4,220 feet, would sit beneath 1,293 feet of water.  But high-elevation areas of the Rocky Mountains between Salt Lake and Denver would remain dry land.

It goes without saying that all the coastal cities would be submerged under thousands of feet of water – Los Angeles, for instance, would be at minus 3,756 feet.

The Bible says that during the height of the Flood, all the high mountains were covered.  Most likely there were no Rocky Mountains at the time.  As a consequence of tectonic upheavals that brought on the Flood, mountains were pushed up and the ocean basins sank down (see Psalm 104:6-8).
    The geologists mentioned in this article would most likely laugh at the Biblical account.  We should remind them of what geologists David Stevenson (Caltech) admitted about how little we know of what lies below (see 04/02/2004; see also 11/05/2003).  We’ve seen geologists change their stories drastically many times (overview, 11/04/2003).  Even the current paradigm of plate tectonics is not on solid ground (11/14/2002).  Explaining the continents involves balancing contradictory forces and is not well understood (06/27/2002).  An Eyewitness was there and told us what happened.  Why not check out His credibility as you would with any other witness?
    Hikers on mountains feel like they are on terra firma, and they are in the present epoch.  But the heat below and forces under the crust can cause catastrophic change.  On a planet 70% covered with water, people often forget how unusual continents are, and how much water would be available to cover them if God were to level the playing field.

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