June 27, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Public Views on Darwin Not Evolving

A new Gallup Poll shows that American views on evolution have changed little for 26 years.  Since 1982, the Gallup organization has periodically polled a random sample of adults to see if they believe humans evolved millions of years ago (with or without God’s help) or were created by God in their present form within the last 10,000 years.  The results never seem to change much.  In seven polls now, 43% to 47% have given the recent-creation answer, and 35-40% the theistic evolution answer.  That means 85-90% of American adults include God in the explanation.  Only 9-14% accept the secular evolutionary answer that humans evolved with no divine guidance.
    According to the Gallup organization, “Perhaps surprisingly to some, the results for the broad sample of Americans show very little change over the years.”  Republicans were much more apt to give the recent-creation answer (60%) over independents (40%) and Democrats (38%).  Gallup explained this divergence by saying that Republicans are more likely to attend church.

This flat-line trend is all the more surprising in light of the vigorous dogmatic-Darwinism campaign waged in the media, the schools and the scientific institutions.  Why is evolutionary propaganda so ineffective?  Evolutionists probably attribute much of the poll result to the inability of Bible-thumping fundamentalists to understand science.  Maybe, instead, a lot of adults view the dogmatic Darwinists as a bunch of unattractive ideologues without common sense (04/13/2008).
    This is not an issue of science, but of world views.  The same facts are accessible to both camps.  The Apostle Paul said that God’s divine nature and omnipotence are clearly seen in the creation (Romans 1).  What each individual faces is the science of Christian theism, incorporating the observations within a view of purposeful design, or the science of Darwinian naturalistic religion, incorporating the observations into a picture of chance, purposelessness and meaningless death.  The choice is clear.  Paul is appealing, but Darwin’s appeal is appalling.

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