December 31, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Merry SETI Holidays

How does the SETI Institute say happy holidays?  To find out, visit their year-end press release on
    SETI Institute CEO Tom Pierson loaded his cheery year-end greeting with all kinds of moral terms.  In his short, upbeat article you can find references to gratitude, well-wishing, beauty, the human spirit, inventiveness, inquisitiveness, exploration, heartfelt thanks, gift-giving, understanding, humility, trust, promises, wisdom, pride, creativity, progress, discovery, significance, generosity, encouragement, quality, gratefulness, fellowship, helpfulness, happiness and industriousness.
    Pierson would probably be pleased if someone started the new year by adopting Jill Tarter in SETI’s “Adopt a Scientist” program (see previous week SETI Thursday column on

You can’t get moral sauce from a Jill Tarter unless there is a soul inside.  This article reveals that SETI research is not being undertaken by neutral, objective, rational, mechanistic evolved animals, but by human beings made in the image of God.  Though turned aside toward false gods, and pursuing their own vain imaginations, the SETI seekers cannot help but reveal their created nature.
    Instead of adopting a SETI scientist, we suggest you make a New Year’s resolution to adopt some other things.  Adopt a love for the truth.  Adopt a passion for knowledge, which is the root meaning of science.  Adopt a stance of unyielding opposition against lies, even if the whole world seems to have gone crazy over Darwin in the days ahead.  And most of all, be adopted by your Creator (Ephesians 1).  Happy Truth Year.

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