December 3, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

New Film: God of Wonders

A new nature documentary with a gospel message, God of Wonders, has been released by Eternal Productions (see trailer at  The 85-minute film, described as “Exploring the Wonders of Creation, Conscience, and the Glory of God,” features beautiful nature photography narrated by various creation scientists and theologians, leading to a presentation of the gospel.  It is organized around four themes: God of Power, God of Wisdom, God of Justice, and God of Love. 

Having seen only the trailer, we cannot rate the entire production, other than to say that Eternal Productions did a good job on its prequel, A Question of Origins.  This film company is unashamed and uncompromising in its presentation of the scientific evidence as pointing to salvation in Jesus Christ.  For that matter, so was the apostle Paul (Romans 1:16-22).
    Need additional in-depth reasons for trusting the validity of the Christian world view?  Check out the phenomenal series from Focus on the Family, The Truth Project, featuring Dr. Del Tackett.  This outstanding teacher examines the Christian world view from all angles, including philosophy, history and science, in a 12-hour classroom setting interspersed with captivating video.  The Truth Project is geared for small-group settings and is marketed via a discipleship program, in which teachers motivate other teachers to start new small groups.  The production quality and content is excellent.  It’s a great stimulus for group discussion and just might lead to a deep transformation of your life.

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