February 3, 2009 | David F. Coppedge

The Early Bird Gets the Just-So Story

If a catastrophic world event wiped out the dinosaurs, why did birds survive?  They’re smaller and more delicate, it seems.  National Geographic published a new hypothesis: they out-thought the doomed dinosaurs.  “Birds survived the global catastrophe that wiped out their dinosaur relatives due to superior brainpower, a new study suggests.
    A couple of seabird skulls alleged to be 55 million years old show a larger and more complex brain, researchers said in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.  This explanation, however, is not alone.  Other reasons why birds survived the extinction include the location hypothesis (that they were distant from the catastrophe), and the coastline hypothesis (that coastal habitats were not as impacted as others).  These hypotheses seem to ignore the dinosaur species living in the same lucky habitats.
    The proponents of the bigger-brain hypothesis noticed that some birds went extinct, so “it wasn’t feathers or warm-bloodedness that gave modern birds a leg up.”  It must have been the bigger brain, they said, even though, pound for pound, a T rex brain would seem much bigger than a hummingbird brain.  Maybe it was the software, not the hardware – though by all accounts, dinosaurs must have had pretty good programming, because they showed a remarkable flexibility and tenacity in a variety of habitats for a long time.  Why the Dodo emerged and Velociraptor perished is just one of those things that happens in evolution.
    National Geographic ended the article with, “As well as providing valuable new evidence for the evolution of birds… the latest study offers an intriguing new theory that will motivate paleontologists to look harder and farther to find more fossils.”  They desperately need more fossils, the lead author said.  “We can only get so close to understanding the brains of the earliest birds with the sample of known species currently available.”

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this bedtime story.  Some day, if you think real hard, you might survive an extinction, too.  You might outlive the bobble-headed professors who teach Darwinist nonsense in academia, oblivious to the fact that it is imploding.

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