September 2, 2009 | David F. Coppedge

Mutation: Not a Bug, a Feature

Evolutionary biologists are sometimes risque with the way they discuss mutations.  They treat them almost like magic wands, able to produce wondrous new organs and functions by accident.

  1. Health to them, death to you:  One article on Science Daily discussed a mutation that causes congenital heart disease in humans, but may have been a stepping stone to the origin of the 3-chambered heart.  “First Genetic Link Between Reptile And Human Heart Evolution Found,” the article announced.
  2. What elevates you above the apes:  Genetic changes (presumably by mutational accident) are what separate us from chimpanzees, another article on Science Daily suggested.  Researchers at Trinity College Dublin identified genes not found in chimpanzees.  They “arose” somehow – evolutionist code for mutations that provided some kind of benefit.  “Researchers have found genes that arose from non-coding DNA in flies, yeast, and primates,” the article stated.  A cute picture of a blond human holding a less-mutated chimp accompanied the picture.
  3. Instant intelligence by kickstart:  While Science magazine’s blog Origins was puzzling over the date of the first indicator that humans had arrived with symbolic behavior, Michael Balter let out this admission: some scientists argue that “modern human cognition, including language and other complex symbolic behavior, needed the additional kick-start of a genetic mutation about 50,000 years ago.
        While it could be argued that Balter was critiquing that position, he was only comparing it to this: “Yet an increasing number of researchers have come to think that Homo sapiens was capable of modern behavior from the very beginning of its history.”  Since the Origins blog was set up in celebration of the Darwin Bicentennial, it can be safely assumed Balter’s statement was not intended as support for Genesis 2:7.  Instead, Balter was only pushing the date for the mutation that brought wisdom to the human brain a few tens of thousands of years earlier.  But then, those believing that story have to explain, if those long-ago ancestors possessed the complete physical and intellectual equipment of us modern humans, why it took them so long to build cities, plant farms, and write books (see 08/14/2009).

In summary, like the BBC News reported, “We are all mutants.”  Get used to it; each of us was born with about 100 mistakes in our gene library.  This provides “insights into our evolution,” you see.  We should look at mutations not as bugs in the code, but features – chance variations loaded with possibilities.  Employing language straight out of Darwin’s Origin, the BBC said, “New mutations are the source of inherited variation, some of which can lead to disease and dysfunction, and some of which determine the nature and pace of evolutionary change.”

Folks, here we are, nine years since the launch of Creation-Evolution Headlines, and the Darwinists are still worshiping Tinker Bell, the goddess who zaps slime into endless forms most beautiful with her mutation wand.  They still show no sign of shame for saying such silly things in public.  We must work harder to expose the Blunderful Wizard of Flaws (09/05/2008 commentary) till he comes clean and confesses that this whole act of evolution being Science was a charade all along.

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