January 21, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

Dogs for Darwin

Science Daily shamelessly announced, “‘Survival of the Cutest’ Proves Darwin Right.
    Chris Klingenberg and Abby Drake, who published a study on mammal skull shapes in American Naturalist on dog breeds, said, “This study illustrates the power of Darwinian selection with so much variation produced in such a short period of time.  The evidence is very strong.”  Yet the strong evidence was artificial selection – a form of intelligent design.  Would nature red in tooth and claw ever produce a cute dog?  The caption on the photo of cuddly puppies says, “Domestic dogs have followed their own evolutionary path, twisting Darwin’s directive ‘survival of the fittest’ to their own needs.

The Darwin-licking lapdogs of evolution are completely, totally out of control.  They are so inebriated on Dar-wine they have no idea how silly their slobbering love affair with King Charles and his ‘directives’ (like “evolve or perish!”) looks to normal people.  Are they oblivious to the fact that Biblical creationist Ken Ham uses diagrams of the diversity of dogs to prove that rapid variations can be achieved by intelligent dog breeders?  Apparently.  Darwin does not need admirers like this.  He’s indisposed enough already.
How sick is that Darwin in the window?
The one with the braggily tale?
How sick is that Darwin in the window?
I do say he’s looking quite pale.
They say that he has a queasy stomach,
The cause of which no one’s quite sure;
It could be because of his admirers,
Their slobber is doubtless impure.

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