June 30, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

Heal the Blind with Stem Cells

Have you heard that some cases of corneal blindness can be cured by stem cells #– from the person’s own eyes?  New Scientist recounted some recent successes for victims blinded in one eye by burns or acid.  Stem cells taken from the limbus, a disk surrounding the iris, and transplanted onto the damaged cornea, were able to regrow corneal cells and give the patients nearly perfect vision again.  82 cases have been successfully treated this way.
    The report said this is a boost for valid stem cell therapies after recent reports of a death caused by an untested technique and scandals caused by private clinics offering bogus treatments.

This story reminds us that the toolkit for regeneration may exist in the human body, but in a damaged state (03/31/2010).  In a perfectly-functioning, uncursed world, are these methods the Creator might have built in to keep systems in good repair?

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