November 9, 2012 | David F. Coppedge

Darwin for Congress

Over four thousand citizens of a Georgia district voted for Charles Darwin for Congress.

The campaign was dreamed up by James Leebens-Mack, a plant biologist at the University of Georgia in Athens.  As a member of the U.S. House of Representative’s Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, he was troubled, Science Now reported, by a speech he heard at a church by candidate Paul Broun,”deriding teachings on evolution, embryology, and the big bang theory as ‘lies straight from the pit of Hell.'”

Leebens-Mack decided to “channel his outrage” against these “anti-science statements” by setting up a  “Darwin for Congress” protest vote effort on Facebook.  Broun “won comfortably” the Congressional seat, but the old father of evolution did garner at least 4,000 write-in votes, possibly many more.

This begs a question that Science Now thought to ask: “Would Charles Darwin Have Made a Good Congressman?

Any dead man would be better than some of the members ruling our country.  At least people could see Darwin’s intelligently designed bones, and he couldn’t tell any stories in his present condition.

Supporters of creation, learn some decency and rhetorical strategy.  It doesn’t help in any controversy to call your opponents’ views “lies from the pit of hell.”  It just hands your opponents an opportunity to mock and get their retaliation published in Science.  Let the outrage come from the Darwin Party, not you.


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