Hindcasting the Grand Canyon: Geologist Rejects Dam Breach Theory

A geologist rejects the idea that an ancient lake spilled and carved Grand Canyon, but maybe he misrepresents the theory. Besides, how can geologists "hindcast" an unobserved event without philosophical assumptions?

Diatom Evolution a Mystery

A science writer is sure diatoms evolved, even if their origins and intricate designs are major mysteries.

Psychologist Advocates Sin

Is sin scientific? Or is a scientist sinning who advocates sinning? One psychologist has written a book about the joy of sin.

How the Zebra Got Its Just-So Story

Evolutionists have updated Kipling’s fanciful story, “How the Leopard Got Its Spots,” with a new, improved, scientific tale, “How the Zebra Got Its Stripes.” They actually gathered empirical data to show for it. Not all evolutionists are convinced, however, that it changes the genre from just-so story to scientific explanation.
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