November 28, 2015 | David F. Coppedge

More Clarity for a Holiday Weekend

Recommended resource: Interviews from Phillip E. Johnson taken in his prime, c. 1991.  After his book Darwin on Trial effectively launched the ID Movement to prominence, Berkeley law professor Dr. Johnson took questions about his ideas on neo-Darwinism, intelligent design and creationism. He separates fact from fiction and issue from propaganda in these incisive answers to issues raised by his book. Uploaded as an 8-part playlist on YouTube by Steven Meyer, each 1-4 minute episode is a model of how to focus on the heart of the issue at hand in a winsome way.

Johnson’s famous debate with atheist William Provine (1994), who died in September 2015, is also available on YouTube. Shortly afterward, Johnson, now with aging voice but no loss of mental acuity, remembered his worthy interlocutor in a podcast for ID the Future and a written remembrance on Evolution News & Views.

Recommending this link does not imply endorsement on all points, just that it is worthy of consideration.

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