February 27, 2016 | David F. Coppedge

How to Do Biology Without Evolution

Everything in biology can make perfect sense without the darkness of Darwinism. Take a look.

PhysOrg wrote up a new video series by MIT scientist Lorna Gibson, a professor of materials science and engineering. An exceptional communicator, Gibson has produced a series of short video clips examining how woodpeckers avoid brain injury.  It’s a delightful set, taking the viewer out into the woods and through museum drawers, studying fossils and living specimens on a quest to figure out how all that hard pecking against hard wood doesn’t give the birds a severe headache (or concussion). After all, the birds experience a deceleration of 600 to 1,500 g’s – over 10 times more than what a human can endure (100 g).

What’s notable about the article and the video clips is that “evolution” is nowhere mentioned. Apparently Gibson never heard, or doesn’t believe, that “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” It’s not that she is a creationist or advocate of intelligent design. She never sings a hymn or prays. There’s no hint of religion at all. She just applies her scientific methods and reasoning to address an interesting question in science and gain understanding about it. Along the way, she conveys a great deal of information about birds, biology, ecology, physics, mathematics, engineering, history and conservation, keeping it fun. The entire 8-part series is on YouTube. Each episode ranges from 2 to 8 minutes.

This is an excellent illustration of how to teach science that we recommend highly! You’ll enjoy watching and learning from Dr. Gibson. She’s not flashy or flamboyant; just factual and to the point. The films are nicely edited with good graphics and locations without being ostentatious. Great for home school parents, teachers and nature lovers of all ages.

The birds themselves steal the show. What is most delightful is the complete absence of evolutionary storytelling – and that makes perfect sense. We can see kids gaining a real interest in science through this set.

Another good science teacher on the internet is Destin of Smarter Every Day. His YouTube videos illustrate science principles in all kinds of fun situations, all Darwin-free. Subscribe and enjoy!

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  • Donald Holliday says:

    Thanks for articles like this, They show at least how science can be interesting without invoking the words/terms/name Darwin, evolution, etc.

    And yes, the video series from Destin with, “Smarter Every Day” is extremely interesting and his fun style brings science back to the good old days of it being about discovery and wonder as opposed to secular obsession with worldview pimping.. I have subscribed to his Youtube account for a very long time now.

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