July 10, 2016 | David F. Coppedge

Immorality Collides With Nature

When all else fails, get out the Manufacturer’s manual. Better, do it before all the trouble starts.

Despite advances, HIV epidemic continues among gay men across the globe (Medical Xpress). The Good Book says God made the first humans male and female, and told them to be fruitful and multiply. Bad things happen when the original pattern gets distorted.

How internet porn affects romantic life (Medical Xpress). It’s pervasive, but it may be affecting demographics. The “supernormal stimulus” offered by fake sex experiences on the internet makes real sex dissatisfying, Sam Carr of the University of Bath shows.

Three-parent-babies might have health problems in later life (New Scientist). Traditional marriage is the best option. Start tinkering with normal genetic union between husband and wife, and you never know what complications will turn up.

Why scientists’ failure to understand GM opposition is stifling debate and halting progress (The Conversation). You’re welcome to your view about tinkering with food genes, but one thing the scientists forgot is human nature.

Creating human genomes and synthetic people, destroying entire species with gene drives (PhysOrg). For more on the threat of “Human Genome Project – Write” see Science Magazine‘s recent article. It always starts with good intentions, but does anyone really think Huxley’s vision of Brave New World is better than God’s prescribed order described in James 3:13-18?

What Was the Enlightenment (Not)? (Live Science). Jessie Szalay posted a pretty informative synopsis of “The Enlightment” and the rise of modern science, describing key figures and philosophies. Best part is the last line:

The brutality of the revolution and the subsequent Napoleonic Wars demonstrate the limits of attempting to remake society along purely rational lines.

See also Evolution News & Views about the new rationalists who want to establish a new kingdom of “Rationalia,” where policy is dictated by the evidence and human reason. David Klinghoffer calls that an “authoritarian daydream.” For once, even New Scientist thinks that would be a terrible idea, according to writer Jeffrey Guhin.

History, human reason and morality make so much more sense in light of the Bible. Have you ever read it? Try it now.




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