October 12, 2016 | David F. Coppedge

Taxpayers Fund Anti-Science Materialist Myths

NASA and the NSF give tons of money to materialists to promote lies about chemistry and the origin of life.

“Was the Secret Spice in Primal Gene Soup a Thickener?” a press release from Georgia Tech teases. “More evidence that life could have evolved with relative ease: New research supports ancestors of genes self-copying in a mushy puddle.”

What follows reaches beyond falsehood into mythology. The perhapsimaybecouldness index is off the charts.

The original recipe for gene soup may have been simple — rain, a jumble of common molecules, warm sunshine, and nighttime cooling. Then add a pinch of thickener.

That last ingredient may have helped gene-like strands to copy themselves in puddles for the first time ever, billions of years ago when Earth was devoid of life, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found. Their novel discoveries add to a growing body of evidence that suggests first life may have evolved with relative ease, here and possibly elsewhere in the universe.

Nick Hud’s barbiturate team (see 5/10/16) created a completely unrealistic scenario to promote a materialist view of life’s origin. He knows that RNA and DNA strands “snap together” into useless forms too fast, so he added a thickener, glycholine, which his team admits “was not likely present on pre-biotic Earth.

His team also completely ignored the information problem of sequencing nucleotides or amino acids into meaningful, functional molecules. But for his completely irrelevant work, he gets government money:

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the NASA Astrobiology Program under the NASA/NSF Center for Chemical Evolution (grant number CHE-1504217) and by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (grant number DGE-1148903).

The research didn’t even work. He had to use an enzyme from living cells. Using an existing enzyme begs the question of how such a complex molecular machine could have arisen from a messy molecular soup by chance. He is also aware that competing cross-reactions would have inhibited any progress toward a self-replicating, living cell. But now, the team is calling for even more money:

The enzymes would not have been present on a prebiotic Earth, and although there are chemical procedure for ligating RNA, “no one has developed a chemistry so robust yet that it could replace the enzyme,” Grover said.

Finding one that could have worked on a prebiotic Earth would be a worthy aim for further research.

Do the taxpayers even know or care how this money is being spent?

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