February 26, 2017 | David F. Coppedge

Big Science Supports Death

If it’s evil, if it’s immoral, if it’s anti-religious, chances are Big Science and Big Media will be all for it.

Since our last reports on science’s ethics, “Evolutionary Materialism Promotes Deadly Sins” (2/12/17), and “Why Is Big Science Pro-Death?” (2/06/17) more evidence has come in to show that Big Science (institutional science, academia, science journal editors) and Big Media (secular evolution-trusting journalists) are willing to fight traditional morality at every opportunity. For instance, why should any scientist be pro-abortion? Why are scientists and secular reporters constantly attacking even common-sense restrictions on the deadly practice?


FDA urged to let abortion pill be sold at pharmacies (David Crary, Medical Xpress). Urged by whom? “a group of doctors and public health experts urging an end to tough federal restrictions on the drug.” Does Crary look for other groups of doctors and public health experts who take the opposite view? Well, sort of. They get one paragraph in the story, but it is quickly refuted by his preferred authorities.

France adopts law against misleading anti-abortion websites (Medical Xpress). France’s outright punishment of the pro-life movement is given positive coverage in this article. [Note: Medical Xpress is an amalgamator of academic press releases about medical subjects, but by publishing these articles and not pro-life articles, they are accessories to the bias.]

Utah’s anesthesia abortion law unenforced (Medical Xpress). A crowd of pro-Planned Parenthood protestors with pink signs leads off this article, trying to make the case that pro-life legislators can pass all the laws they want, but doctors won’t obey them. They quote one who says, “is, in my opinion, a waste of our money and our time by someone who is trying to make a political statement and really not worried about what’s best medically or what’s best for people’s health.” People’s health? What about the baby?

Dutch ‘abortion ship’ due in Guatemala (Medical Xpress). Mean old Guatemala: they enacted strict abortion laws. Good old Netherlands: they sent a ship that “can provide women with free legal medical abortions till 10 weeks of pregnancy after sailing to international waters, 12 miles outside Guatemala.” This article also describes abortion pills as “very safe and effective.”

Montana abortion bill would make doctors try to save fetus (Medical Xpress). Horrors! Trying to save the baby after 24 weeks when it could be viable! Who gets the good press? “Critics of the bill said it could be among the most extreme anti-abortion laws in the nation, even as other states consider their own proposals that would reduce the window for legal abortions.” Extreme – invasive – unconstitutional: you get the reporter’s drift.

Other Moral Issues

Same-Sex Marriage May Reduce Teen Suicide Attempts (Live Science). Look at the positive side of this unpopular new right that the US Supreme Court, by the narrowest of margins, pushed on the country in 2015. It might save a few teens from committing suicide according to a ‘study’. “The new study did not examine the reasons behind this link, but the researchers think that the same-sex marriage policies might have helped to reduce the perception of stigma among teens who identify as sexual minorities,” one researcher said. So was this the contributing factor to teen suicides before 2015? Did anyone think of other ways to reduce teen suicide other than to force gay marriage on the whole country, resulting in gentle florists losing everything they own? (true story; see FRC and ADF). Isn’t that a kind of Guth Goof? What about the stigma and loss Barronelle Stutzman is feeling right now?

Live Science Book Giveaway: ‘Cannibalism’ by Bill Schutt (Live Science). How thoughtful of “live science” to offer a free book to readers that rationalizes cannibalism. “Schutt serves up a tempting menu of evidence” [gross!] “that reveals cannibalism — yes, even in human societies — to be more widespread and ‘perfectly natural’ than previously suspected.” Suspected by whom? It’s surprising that Mindy Weisgerber didn’t quip, “You are what you eat.” She almost makes our satire on cannibal rights look trendy.

Attitudes, perceptions and knowledge among men who have sex with men towards the blood donation deferral policy in Israel (PLoS One). Disallowing gay men from giving blood because they might carry HIV makes them feel discriminated against. We don’t want to hurt their feelings. Solution: make the deferral temporary. That way we can put everybody needing a blood transfusion at risk of carrying this deadly disease. This is known as science.

Do you see why prayer for our country is urgently needed? With your praying, speak out. The lunatics have taken over the science lab, corrupted by Darwinian denial of human exceptionalism (see Ch. 18 of Tom Bethell’s new book, Darwin’s House of Cards).


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