April 23, 2017 | Sal Cordova

The 4D Nucleome Project Helps Creationist Research

Here we tell about the 4D Nucleome and ENCODE project and the billions of dollars God is sending to help creationist research through the NIH’s unwitting funding programs.

by Sal Cordova

Hermann Muller won the Nobel Prize for his study of human mutations and birth defects.  A consequence of Muller’s theories imply that only 2% of the human genome could be functional under the assumptions of evolutionary theory.  Many evolutionary theorists have therefore insisted that around 98% of the human genome must be junk as a matter of principle.  A wonderful exploration of Muller’s work is outlined in the book Genetic Entropy by John Sanford, a world famous genetic engineer at Cornell who eventually rejected evolutionary theory.

DNA provides more than just mere blueprints for proteins.

In 2012,  some 200 researchers who were part of the 300 million dollar National Institutes of Health (NIH) ENCODE project declared 80% of the human genome is functional, far beyond the limit evolutionary theory said was possible. ENCODE’s proclamation drew the fury of evolutionary biologists like Dan Graur who called the ENCODE researchers “crooks” and “ignoramuses”  promoting an “evolution free gospel”. Graur referred to the data generated by ENCODE laboratories as “piles of excrement” and called  one of ENCODE’s chief architects, Ewan Birney, “the scientific equivalent of Saddam Hussein.”

The ENCODE project resulted in even more NIH projects like the 300 million dollar RoadmapEpigenomics project and other projects like psychENCODE and the 205 million dollar E4 Epistranscriptomic project as well as smaller projects like psychENCODE and 4D nucleome.  Added to this are the billions to be spent by pharmaceutical companies to explore the glycome, the set of sugar molecules used by organisms, and many other “-omes” beside the genome.

In 2014,  the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched the 4D Nucleome project which explores the 4-dimensional architecture of DNA. DNA is erroneously thought by many, especially evolutionary biologists, to function solely as blueprints for proteins. But DNA provides more than just mere blueprints for proteins. DNA serves as a 3-dimensional parking lot for all sorts of molecular machines involved in helping manage construction of a cell. These parking lots are constructed and reconfigured differently from cell to cell and even during various phases of the cell.  Since the configuration of the parking lot changes over time, this adds a 4th dimension to DNA which heretofore was underappreciated.

The 4D nucleome project is showing that we are only beginning to see the tip of the iceberg of God’s fearfully and wonderfully made designs. For a time it seemed that creationists had no money to explore God’s creation and prove evolution wrong. But God is on the side of creationists and He is ensuring billions in public and private funds are devoted to prove that “ENCODE is right and evolution is wrong”.

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