May 7, 2017 | David F. Coppedge

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CEH recommends you check out these recent audio-visual and book resources!

AUDIO DRAMA: If you enjoyed the captivating “Jonathan Park” audio drama series produced by the Pat Roy family, you’re going to love their latest project. It’s called Time Chroniclers. Listen to the 7:30 trailer to get a taste of the high production quality, acting and music, then download Episode 1 for free. We guarantee you’ll be hooked! The whole 6-part series is available from

C.S. LEWIS: What were the views of the famous Christian apologist on evolution? There’s been confusion about Lewis’s views based on some statements he made, but it’s important to recognize that some of his views “evolved” over time toward a more Biblical view of creation. Jerry Bergman sets the record straight in his recent book, C.S. Lewis: Anti-Darwinist. Lewis aficionados will chuckle at the clever art on the cover.

DINOSAUR: Our contributing scientist Jerry Bergman was consulted by World Magazine for expert opinion on the row about dinosaur taxonomy. See his article on CEH here.

ZOMBIES: Jonathan Wells updates his 10 “Icons of Evolution” from his 2000 book in this latest book, and adds 6 more.  Zombie Science talks about dead issues that keep re-appearing in textbooks as evidence for evolution. You can hear Dr Wells talk about the book and the icons in 3 podcasts on ID the Future.

VIDEO: We’ve heard whispers that Illustra Media will be offering a new kind of delivery method for their outstanding film products later in May, and has some new film shorts about to be released. Watch for a big announcement later this month!

Richter with Coppedge at JPL, 2008

ROCKET SCIENCE: Dr Henry Richter, manager of Explorer 1 (January 1958) at JPL, is working on a new book on intelligent design to be published this year by CMI, assisted by CEH editor David Coppedge. Check out Richter’s last book America’s Leap into Spaceat his personal website, Space history buffs will love his insider account of the space race. Richter turns 90 next month.

DARWIN: Jerry Bergman’s latest book (Joshua Press, 2017) will make you mad—at Darwin. In How Darwinism Corrodes Morality, he documents the horrifying consequences of Darwin’s dangerous idea and those who ran with it: Margaret Sanger, Freud, Nietzche, Kinsey and many others. Ideas have consequences!

You can help promote good books. First, buy them and read them. Then, on Amazon and other bookseller sites, write good reviews of the books, and refute the foul-mouthed criticisms posted by Darwin brownshirts, who usually don’t even read the books but spew venom with knee-jerk reactions.

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