November 22, 2017 | David F. Coppedge

Charles Manson Was an Evolutionist

Few Darwinians would condone murder, of course, but the Manson case shows what can happen to someone who puts their faith in the teachings of Darwin and his disciples.

Well, after 45 years in prison for the heinous murders he instigated, Charles Manson has finally met his Maker. Many in the public have held a kind of horrified fascination for the cult hero whose “Manson family” shocked the world in 1969 with some of the bloodiest, cruelist, most senseless murders known up to that time. How many who have followed the case, though, realize that the motivations for his murderous rampage included the teachings of Nietzsche, a fervent disciple of Darwin? Even conservative news reports often overlook that point (example on WND). Jerry Bergman (a CEH contributor) connects the dots in his book, How Darwinism Corrupts Morality.

First, Bergman tells the story of Nietzsche’s conversion from a disciple of Jesus to a missionary for Darwin. In chapter 7, he describes how Nietzsche, like many other Germans in the 1860s, fell under the spell of evolution by studying Darwin’s writings. Modern Darwinians might complain that Nietzsche went far beyond Darwin, but it cannot be denied that Darwin’s ideas put Nietzsche over the tipping point for a complete reversal away from his youthful Christian views. Nietzsche became a vicious anti-Christian, an anti-humanist, moral relativist, eugenicist, and racist. He hated Christianity for its gentleness and concern for the weak. He felt that mankind should take evolution into its own hands, ruthlessly advancing Darwin’s ‘favored races in the struggle for life’ toward the goal of a master race— the Superman. Needless to say, Hitler imbibed deeply on these ideas. But so did Charles Manson.

Where Manson was captured in 1969, hiding inside a bathroom vanity cabinet at the Barker Ranch, Death Valley. Photo by David Coppedge, 2014.

Like Nietzsche, Manson was an ardent racist who hated blacks. In the days of the 1960s race riots, he sought to foment an apocalyptic race war which he called “Helter Skelter” (the words his ‘family’ agents wrote on the walls with their victims’ blood, based on a Beatles song of that name). Dr Bergman tells in chapter 8 how Manson hoped to precipitate the race war by blaming the murders on the Black Panthers, so that society would be in an uproar and subjugate the blacks. And why did he imbibe these racist views? According to prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, Manson believed in Darwin’s writings (“it is a matter of evolution”) and in Nietzsche’s tenets that “women are inferior to men, the white race is superior to all other races; it is not wrong to kill if the end is right.” Manson felt that the black race was not as evolved as the white race; he believed they do “not have the mental capacity to govern properly,” one biographer said. Manson also admired Hitler, considering him “a tuned in guy” according to one witness.

Critics may complain that Manson was a drug-using, sex-addicted lunatic, disillusioned with rejection and unable to think clearly about Darwinism. For those who make that case, Bergman includes in the same chapter the story of Anders Breivik, another Darwin-motivated mass murderer. Breivik randomly shot 77 young people dead in Norway in 2011. Unlike Manson, Breivik was well-educated, handsome, strong and held a job with good customer relations. Intelligent and literate, Breivik clearly outlined his Darwinian motivations in writing. Bergman says,

His goal was to bring attention to his belief that modern Darwinian eugenics could create a utopia and eliminate many of the major problems of the world. His 78,000 word manifesto details his motivations and goals for his terrorist attack on his own people. (p. 150)

The Columbine school shooters were also influenced by Darwin. One of them wore a shirt with the words “Natural Selection” as he shot students in cold blood.

Update 11/23/17: Live Science considers whether coroners will study Manson’s brain for clues about his character. They conclude, “Most likely, Charles Manson’s brain looked a lot like yours.” Unless there is something obvious, like a tumor or significant brain damage, researchers will have to consider causes beyond the physical for his behavior.

This entry is not claiming that Darwinians condone murder; most are just as horrified as anyone else about what Manson did. Nor is it claiming that Darwinism necessarily leads to eugenics, racism and terror (although the 100 million victims of communism might make the case). Often there are other streams of thought behind atrocities that must be taken into account. But consider; natural selection depends on variation. Some “favored races” have to be superior, and the others inferior. Darwin relied heavily on the ideas of Malthus, whose fake math falsely claimed that food supply increases linearly, but population increases exponentially. This, he thought, would produce a profound struggle for existence (a key assumption in Darwinism). Put these thoughts together, and the logical conclusion is that humanity faces a crisis unless the “unfit” are eliminated. Bergman’s book gives many examples of influential people who took these ideas seriously and instigated many evils (e.g., Francis Galton and eugenics, Margaret Sanger and abortion, Karl Pearson and racism).

Darwin was outwardly a gentleman who never hurt a fly (at least as an adult; see Bergman’s other book The Dark Side of Charles Darwin to learn about Darwin’s childhood cruelties to animals). Many modern Darwinian academics also can be nice people in person. That’s because there is a legacy of Christian morality in the West that keeps them from following Darwin’s ideas to their logical conclusions. In spite of their outward gentility, the ideas they hold nourish evil. Many of them even state openly that we must take our evolution into our own hands. Modern eugenics rises above the surface from time to time. Some have advocated drastic elimination of the human population to save the planet. Darwinism is a toxic soil that nourishes poisonous fruit. The Manson case illustrates that well. Nietzsche, Breivik, Hitler, Stalin and Manson were certainly NOT following the Teacher who said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


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