November 26, 2017 | David F. Coppedge

Search for the Truth

At Search for the Truth Ministries, Bruce Malone provides a wide variety of resources to refute evolution and present creation.

Meet Bruce Malone. He might be described as a workaholic or an inveterate multi-talented multi-tasker. An ambassador with Logos Research Associates, he has run Search for the Truth Ministries for 25 years. His website is loaded with resources: a blog, books, videos, and more. He offers a newsletter. He travels and speaks around the world. And many of his publications and DVDs he will freely give to you if you have a need but can’t pay. His “About” page describes his background and what keeps him going:

Bruce Malone gave his life to Christ over 25 years ago, as the Lord miraculously preserved him through a close call with death. Since that time Bruce has looked for a deeper purpose in life and realized that rejection of Biblical truth, justified by belief in evolution, is the acid which is eating away at the moral foundation of our culture. Bruce spent 30 years working as a research leader for the Dow Chemical Corporation, has a degree chemical engineering, and is responsible for key innovations which have resulted in 18 patents. But his passion is sharing the relevance and evidence for creation, so he retired early to become full time Director of Search for the Truth Ministries. Bruce has spoken extensively, from secular universities to Christian groups, in 12 countries. Since 2008 Bruce given almost 800 lectures to more than 50,000 people. More than 60,000 books on the scientific credibility of creation have been donated to students and prisoners. Bruce brings science alive through stories and demonstrations, showing that Biblical creation is the most rational explanation for the world around us. The purpose of both his books and lectures is to help the non-scientific layman understand the importance of creation while motivating and equipping them to share these truths. Bruce resides in Midland, MI with his wife Robin, and they have four children who are all actively serving the Lord.

One of his recent projects is a 12-DVD teaching set called The Rocks Cry Out, presented in two volumes of six disks. The production quality is good, showing Bruce teaching in many locations on a wide range of topics. In episode 10, he interviewed several scientists and creation advocates, including CEH Editor David Coppedge. Here is a sample of the interchange so that you can see and hear Mr. Malone. For the first question, he asked the participants about scientific evidence in favor of recent creation:


The second question was about the strongest arguments against evolution:


Mr. Malone’s books are very well illustrated in color, making creation arguments appealing. For instance, his book Censored Science contains numerous arguments for creation you don’t find in secular textbooks. His book Brilliant gives many examples of amazing technologies by ancient people, proving that early man was not “primitive.”

We are grateful to Bruce Malone for offering CEH to use any of his materials freely. He is an effective speaker with a wealth of information to share. We encourage groups to buy his materials, show his DVDs to study groups, and perhaps invite him to speak to your church or creation group.

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