December 24, 2017 | David F. Coppedge

Video: An Interview with Dr Henry Richter

Rocket scientist Henry Richter describes how he got interested in the requirements for life on “Spacecraft Earth.”

Ed. note: CEH will be on break from December 24 through January 1.

The new book Spacecraft Earth: A Guide for Passengers just came out last month (see 11/19/17 entry). On the product page, Creation Ministries International (CMI), the publisher, just posted a video clip with Dr Richter and his co-author, David Coppedge, describing the background that led to this book. You can watch it right here:

Incidentally, an article on Big Think just gave a surprising announcement, “The Universe Shouldn’t Exist, CERN Scientists Announce.” It’s one of several recent articles emphasizing just how special the earth and universe are, reinforcing Richter’s own findings that “everything that’s here is here because it needs to be to allow life to exist on this earth.” Spacecraft Earth is loaded with many examples of incredible design at all scales. Dr Richter’s own personal story woven throughout the text makes this a unique and winsome book to read and share.

While it is too late to have it arrive for Christmas, our interested readers can print the product page, insert it into a Christmas card, and inform a friend or family member that it is on order. You can specify the recipient’s address for shipping.

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  • Bill Neish says:

    I don’t understand why people claim there are no scientific predictions or benefits to ID. Every time I read here about new discoveries because someone was studying nature I right away thing that they must start with the assumption that there is something intelligently designed in nature and it is worth trying to imitate.

  • Bill Neish says:

    Basically everything on this planet is intelligently designed so let’s go make discoveries…

  • dsg727 says:

    “they must start with the assumption that there is something intelligently designed”

    Yet they don’t. By default, they can’t. They are FORCED, by their worldview, to conclude that there is no design, so they MUST ascribe what is right in front of them to nature and random chance. Because people are designed to be intelligent, they can and do willfully design intelligent sounding answers to fit their worldview of random chance.

  • Buho says:

    Oh, for the evolutionist, the world IS designed…at least, it APPEARS to be designed, according to Richard Dawkins. The catch is that the designing work was done by unintelligent causes (anthropomorphism). Evolutionists look to tinkering nature to see what amazing things it created with eons of time and chance.

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