January 26, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

Big Science Condemns Blasphemy Against Darwin

There’s no escape. You can’t flee anywhere in the world if you doubt Darwin.

Look at this headline in Nature News: “Anti-Darwin comments in India outrage scientists.” It doesn’t say that scientists (defined here as members of Nature‘s opinion of acceptable materialists who pay homage to Darwin) merely “disagree” with the comments. It doesn’t say that they feel such comments are misinformed. No; Nature reporter T. V. Padma says the comments ‘outrage‘ scientists (scream when you say that!). The word implies hate, intolerance, and mob psychology. The subtitle is even more disturbing: “Researchers and government officials have condemned the statements of a junior minister who questioned the theory of evolution.” The priests of Darwin want to send this minister to materialist hell for the unpardonable sin!

Thousands of scientists in India have signed an online petition protesting against comments by a higher-education minister who last week publicly questioned the scientific validity of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and called for changes in educational curricula.

Creation-Evolution Headlines (CEH) is already condemned, because we do that all the time (question the validity of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, that is). It seems odd that they specifically get upset at blasphemy against Darwin. Whenever Darwin skeptics point out obvious flaws in Darwin’s beliefs, such as his falsified theory of pangenesis, his evolving Lamarckian views, or his overt racism, evolutionists usually invoke the tactic of saying, ‘Evolutionary theory has come a long way since Darwin,’ as if to say that it can stand on its own now. ‘We have neo-Darwinism, population genetics, Fisher’s Fundamental Theorem, inclusive fitness, sociobiology, evo-devo,  and much more. Who needs Darwin?’ If that were true, why is “Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution” held sacrosanct to the point of condemnation and outrage for merely questioning it publicly?

It appears that the statements by Satyapal Singh, a junior minister for human-resource development who oversees university education, lacked the nuance provided by CEH. This is regrettable, because there are better ways to express doubts about Darwin than he did – if Nature‘s descriptions of the comments are accurate (a dubious assumption):

The original comments were made by Satyapal Singh, a junior minister for human-resource development who oversees university education. On 20 January, he told reporters at a conference on ancient Hindu texts in Aurangabad that Darwin’s theory of evolution of humans “is scientifically wrong”. Singh added that “nobody, including our ancestors, in written or oral, have said they saw an ape turning into a man”. Two days later, he proposed holding an international seminar on the subject.

On the surface, this sounds like an elementary-level misconception of evolution. Darwinians do not believe that anyone can observe an ape turning into a man, if that indeed is what he meant to say. We must consider, however, the possibility that his statement could have been corrupted through translation. Besides, an official “who oversees university education” is probably not a nincompoop about the subject. Nevertheless, one would think his proposal of holding an “international seminar on the subject” would be welcomed calmly by rational scientists, who could certainly feel confidence to state their arguments for Darwinism in the tradition of free speech and open debate. Would that not be the proper forum for straightening out Mr. Singh, by providing him with irrefutable evidence for Darwin’s theory? That’s not what happened:

The comments provoked outrage in the Indian scientific community. Vishwesha Guttal, an evolutionary ecologist at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, suggests the remarks are the first time that such anti-evolution opinions have been aired by high-ranking politicians in India. “I have seen these kind of issues (anti-Darwin stance) when I was a student in the US. This was totally unheard of, so far, in India,” says Guttal. “My first thought was, ‘Is this coming to India now?’”

Guttal is treating Singh like a carrier of an infectious disease: an ebola of the mind that is killing off the rationality of Americans. He wants to stamp it out before it becomes a global pandemic!

The outrage prompted ‘senior’ government officials in India to distance themselves from Singh and assure the ‘scientists’ of their allegiance to Darwin:

Senior government officials later dismissed the comments. On 23 January, Singh’s boss Prakash Javadekar, the senior minister for human-resource development, said that he had asked Singh to refrain from making such remarks. “We should not dilute science,” Javadekar said. He added that his ministry would not support any anti-Darwin activities such as Singh’s proposed conference or changing curricula. Singh did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Nature’s news team.

That apparently was not good enough. The Darwinians went overboard, demanding that not only Singh, but all people like him, be silenced from the public arena. Frightened government officials hastened to swear fealty to King Charles:

Scientists reacted swiftly to Singh’s comments, launching an online petition asking the minister to retract his claims. Such comments harm the scientific community’s efforts to propagate scientific thoughts and rationality through critical education and modern scientific research, the petition said, and also diminish the country’s image internationally. The petition had collected more than 3,000 signatures when its creators closed it on 23 January, after Javadekar responded to the situation, according to Mukund Thattai, a computational cell biologist at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore who signed the petition. “There is strong support for science in India from government departments.”

Why the swiftness? The Darwinians know that, if statements like these are not immediately quashed, people in the public might hear them, and (gasp) be stimulated to ask questions about official dogma.

But public attitudes can be swayed if people in responsible government positions make such statements,” he says.

Soumitro Banerjee, general secretary of the advocacy group the Breakthrough Science Society, thinks that Singh’s comments might already have done damage. “The seed of doubt has been planted in the minds of the common people that Darwin’s theory of evolution may, after all, be incorrect,” says Banerjee, a physicist at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Kolkata.

May it never be! Stamp it out before it spreads! Darwin’s theory of evolution must never be questioned. India must purify itself, teaching only 100% unadulterated Darwinism. “It would be a retrograde step to remove the teaching of the theory of evolution from school and college curricula or to dilute this by offering non-scientific explanations or myths,” reads a statement from three Indian scientific societies.

But what if Darwinism itself is a non-scientific explanation or myth? Students will never know if they are not allowed to ask questions.

Volume one of a trilogy.

What’s particularly disturbing about Nature’s report is that they treat all this outrage as a good thing. Padma writes as a cheerleader for the dogmatists. Acting like an announcer at the Coliseum whipping up the crowd to cheer on the lions, he’s glad to see the scientists getting all worked up over one heretic daring to question Darwin. He’s not even thinking about the ideal of science to invite questions, debate controversial ideas, or follow the evidence where it leads. No; he’s glad the ‘scientists’ ganged up to shame this man, and his entire country, into silence. Release the lions! Kill, kill, kill the heretic! Thus be to all who blaspheme the Emperor!

To those of us who have already been expelled and persecuted for the crime of questioning evolution, know all too well the intolerance of the materialist, leftist, Darwinian totalitarian dictatorship. Dr Jerry Bergman is completing his third volume of case studies of real scientists, teachers and employees of science labs who have lost jobs, lost tenure, and been hounded by hateful rhetoric from the press for daring to be skeptical of Darwinian evolution (latest example here). Yours truly, the Editor of CEH, will appear in volume 3, due out soon. We are reporting this item to help our readers understand what we’re up against. It’s dangerous to doubt Darwin! If you think you can just calmly use reason and logic and evidence, get real. You had better come with full armor to do battle with the Darwin hatemongers. From their castle walls, they will pour boiling oil on you.

Ironic, is it not, that the DODO Party (Darwin-Only, Darwin-Only) positions itself as the rational group? They want to teach rationality in school. They don’t want to propagate myths. We have a few things to say about that (e.g., 1/18/18, 12/01/17, and 17 years of reporting about it here).

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