January 15, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

New Book Defrocks Darwin and His Followers

Darwinists can no longer hide from a century and a half of shameful mistakes. Accountability has arrived.

Author Jerry Bergman, PhD

Dr Jerry Bergman, who has contributed many articles to CEH, just published another eye-opening book. It’s called Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries (Creation Book Publishers, Oct. 2017). This expose of many decades of error should be a must-read for anyone who mistakenly thinks that Darwinism is scientific fact.

While most people might be able to name one or two, few are aware of the sheer number of embarrassing deceptions used to prop up evolutionary theory. This book highlights multiple examples that have misled generations. –from the back cover

Which frauds can you name? Piltdown Man, for instance? Haeckel’s embryos? Nebraska Man? You’ll be surprised how many others Bergman uncovers. Containing numerous black-and-white illustrations in its 314 pages, this book has 19 chapters detailing case after case of mistakes and outright frauds in the history of Darwinism.

Bergman uses an effective strategy: he falsifies Darwinism scientifically right in chapter 1. When the reader comes to see that there is no scientific basis for Darwin’s theory in the first place, the rest of the book becomes a real groaner! You will wag your head seeing numerous failed attempts to prop up a belief that cannot be true anyway. The Darwin Show begins to look like a clown act that has run for over 150 years.

How does chapter 1 falsify Darwinism? Cleverly, Bergman says, “Darwin’s blunder has been falsified: evolution is true, but going backwards.” This is not just Bergman’s opinion. He quotes numerous secular scientists agreeing that there is no empirical evidence or known process that can cause upward progression from bacteria to humans. His own experience as a college professor of life sciences confirms his claim. Contrary to what Darwin (who completely messed up on genetics) expected, evolution goes downhill.

Although lionized today, Darwin’s theory, as this book documents, has caused much harm and, after 150 years, the evidence for evolution is far more problematic now than it was in Darwin’s time due to the advancement of knowledge in science, especially cell biology and genetics. Darwin himself recognized that his theory had major problems and for this reason he kept revising his bible of evolution until the last edition ended up significantly different than his first edition. The blunders, frauds, and forgeries documented in this book are not surprising in view of the fact that Darwin’s major thesis is scientifically wrong.

Evolution is ‘true’, but the clear trend shows it is going the wrong way. The problem is that the vast majority of mutations are near-neutral, i.e., mildly deleterious, and most of the rest are harmful, even lethal. Life is gradually accumulating these deleterious mutations and is facing genetic catastrophe (mutational meltdown), eventually causing extinction. (page 32)

This statement agrees with what geneticist John Sanford (who has also contributed to CEH) wrote in Genetic Entropy. Here, in Bergman’s new book, the genetic falsification of Darwinism provides a springboard for a detailed recitation of frauds and mistakes that have been used to prop up an unscientific theory. Those familiar with the basics of some frauds (like Piltdown Man) will learn many new and embarrassing facts behind these incidents.

As with all Dr Bergman’s books, Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries is thoroughly referenced and substantiated by numerous quotations from knowledgeable scientists and historians— many of whom are evolutionists but have to admit the embarrassment of the facts. For instance, historian of science Edward Larson, who specializes in Darwinism and has taught a course about it for The Teaching Company, reveals that Darwin’s theory of natural selection had already seemed falsified at the turn of the 20th century, but was believed in spite of the lack of a mechanism. But Larson is just one of dozens and dozens of witnesses corroborating Bergman’s descriptions, including the fact that Darwinism was an evolving theory itself: what Darwin wrote in the 6th edition of The Origin greatly differed from what he wrote in the 1st edition.

Readers will be shocked at the quotes of Darwinians who were overt eugenicists and racists. Many of these cases are covered in more detail in Bergman’s previous books like The Darwin Effect (2014) and How Darwinism Corrodes Morality (2017). The words of racist Darwinians would be completely unacceptable today, and yet the ideology behind them lives on. Bergman has done the world a great service by pulling together detailed descriptions, with fully-referenced contemporary quotes, of Darwinians whose beliefs and actions led to incalculable harm and suffering. And he shows that the particular frauds he exposes are not isolated incidents, but illustrations of pervasive fraud and error throughout the history of Darwinism. Students taught that evolution is a fact often have no idea about the dark, devious, deceptive history of this harmful theory that took over the world. This book pulls the white lab coats off of an ugly reality.

Dr Bergman is proof of intelligent design himself. How one man can generate such prolific writing of high quality is astonishing. He has written 43 books and over 1,200 scientific and general publications. He has nine college degrees (including 5 Masters and 2 PhD’s). He teaches multiple scientific subjects. He travels and speaks on radio and to groups. While he is on a roll, read his material and learn from a prodigious researcher. We are honored to have him as a contributor to CEH. After teaching science at the college level for almost 40 years he now works for The Institute of Creation Research.

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