January 18, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

Darwinian Explanations Are Religious

A theory that explains opposite things with equal ease is indistinguishable from magic.

Why don’t turtles still have tail spikes? Researchers explain why tail weaponry is rare (Science Daily). If ankylosaurs have tail spikes, evolution did it. If turtles do NOT have tail spikes, evolution did it. There must be a market for this kind of just-so story. Maybe it gives the unthinking a sense of awe at the wisdom of wizards. “This study is an elegant example of how the fossil record can be used to better understand the world around us today,” the shaman says in self-congratulation. Ooo. Ahhh.

Progenitors of the living world (Science Daily). Behold, “‘the earth was without form and void’ – before the emergence of life.” Mocking Genesis, a Wizard of OOL (origin of life) in Germany looks into his crystal flask and sees visions of molecules joining up. The ‘scenario’ looks ‘plausible’ to him.

Under what conditions could these building blocks have then been linked into long chains that could not only encode information but also propagate it by self-reproduction? Many possible scenarios have been proposed for the phase of chemical evolution that preceded the emergence of the first biological cells. Now, researchers led by LMU chemist Professor Thomas Carell have extended these models by demonstrating a plausible route for the prebiotic synthesis of the ‘nucleosides’ that constitute the informational components of RNA.

Well obviously, letters want to form words. And words want to form sentences. And sentences want to form books. Why? The force of ’emergence’ endows them with will and creative genius. Believe!

Ingredients for Life Revealed in Meteorites That Fell to Earth (Berkeley Lab). Asteroid pieces smash together and fall by a basketball court. Behold, they have organic matter! They have some amino acids, hydrocarbons and even water! They must be trying to get life to emerge. “Everything leads to the conclusion that the origin of life is really possible elsewhere,” announces Queenie Chan, the chief female wizard (witch is not politically correct—Ed.). It’s plausible, isn’t it? Believe!

The more I read secular science reports, the more appalled I become at the easy-believism of the Darwin Party. If something seems plausible to them, it’s good enough. It’s appalling how ignorant they are of the history of theology, the history of philosophy, and the philosophy of science. It’s as if Charlie D just swept that all away and replaced it with a nice, cute, simple story that keeps them employed as shamans. Since the Darwin Party usurped all power over education, they fear no hard questions or criticisms from anyone disagreeing with their Dear Leader (after all, that would be [cue hissing sound] religioussssss). Journalists and students, hoodwinked by decades of this new scenario as the only story in town, acquiesce and swallow it whole like quiet, compliant parishioners enjoying sermons faithful to the orthodox creed of the Cult of Emergence.

All the Darwin Party wizards did was replace one religion with another—not a new one, but an old one. Pantheism.

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