March 31, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

If Prediction Is a Hallmark of Science, the Resurrection Was Predicted

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was predicted centuries before it occurred. It was also corroborated by eyewitness testimony. Can science do better than this?

How does “science” exceed any other form of investigation? It includes logic, but so do other forms of analysis. It includes mathematics, but so do non-scientific activities, like bookkeeping. It requires evidence, but so do other university departments outside the science building, like history. It includes falsification, but so do trials in courtrooms. Prediction is one hallmark of science that ranks it above these other activities. If a scientific hypothesis makes a prediction that comes true, and it is specific enough to weed out confirmation bias, it deserves careful attention. Watch this short video from La Mirada Films about Old Testament predictions of what Christians celebrate during passion week.

This is the first of ten video clips on about “Prophecies of the Passion” that are free to watch online. The DVD on which these clips are based (or streaming rights) can be purchased at this link.

We invite readers to watch all ten video clips and consider the evidence like a good scientific investigator should. This is not an invitation to become religious. It is an invitation to review the accumulated evidence for a key historical event, in the same manner one would evaluate the evidence presented for a proof in a scientific paper. What to do with the evidence is a matter of personal choice, but it would be a shame to assume one knows enough about this event to have made a choice without having taken the effort to take a thorough look at the evidence.


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  • Bill Neish says:

    I’m not convinced that prediction is only for the scientific realms… I’m an accountant and every budget forecast is a prediction. Investors are trying to predict the markets… even gambling at the horse races is about prediction and rewards… I think science is only one of many activities trying to make predictions and testing them out to see if they are correct.

    Bible prophecy is different in that it is making predictions that no one would have anticipated or expected and they all come true so that is why prophecy is special evidence of a Divine Being who knows the future. One of the main reasons why I am a Christian today.

    I watched the videos again and enjoyed the well thought out and presented information which is so relevant this time of year. I think this will be a worthy topic of study and meditation through eternity.

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