May 22, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

Irresponsible Reporters Push Evolution With Silly Notions

The silliest news reports in the science genre usually concern evolution. Immune from serious criticism, Darwinism should be a laughingstock, but is the darling of secular reporters.

[Note: CEH is taking a break this week. These news items are presented for those interested.]

What we inherited from our bug-eating ancestors ( A secular version of the Diet of Worms.

What gorilla poop tells us about evolution and human health ( Our microbiota is different; therefore we evolved. Logic?

New research offers evidence that humans — and the rest of life on Earth — may have been able to form with the right combination of star dust and radiation (Science Daily). More building blocks of lie.

Molecular atlases of turtle and lizard brains shed light on the evolution of the human brain ( These scientists are thinking like lizards. Or maybe turtles.

Can chimpanzee vocalizations reveal the origins of human language? (Science Daily). Short answer: no. Media answer: perhapsimaybecould.

In Cities, Wildlife Evolves Astonishingly Fast (National Geographic). Note to editor: the crows are still crows.

New take on early evolution of photosynthesis (Science Daily). Why does it always have to be “the evolution of” everything?

Does evolution make us or are we just drifting that way? (University of Queensland, via It starts with the March of Man, so you know it’s going to be another Darwin worship service.

Practice being a CEH reporter! Pick an article above and critique it.



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