May 6, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

Sanitizing Genocide: Media Still Excuses Abortion

The intentional killing of human life by the millions should rank as one of modern society’s greatest evils, yet the media continue to not only rationalize it, but advocate it.

Even the left felt uncomfortable last week when ‘comedian’ Michelle Wolf told jokes about abortion, saying “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” and “When you do try it, really knock it. You know, you’ve got to get that baby out of there.” Conservatives and Christians, naturally, were outraged and grief-stricken that anyone would display such shameless flippancy about killing what she acknowledged was a “baby” in the womb. The serious mainstream science media may not tell jokes, but they treat the unborn with similar disregard.

Some women feel grief after an abortion, but there’s no evidence of serious mental health issues (Medical Xpress). The question before the public should be, “Is this baby a human life? Is this baby a person?” Leftist abortion advocates, like Kirsten Black at The Conversation, always focus on the mother’s “mental health” instead, as a distraction from the big question. “Overall they found that abortion does not increase a woman’s risk of experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress, depression or anxiety,” Black writes. “In fact, those who are denied abortion initially have higher levels of anxiety than women obtaining an abortion.” But can any study, or any statistic, justify what abortionists do to the life inside her womb? See the videos that demonstrate the practices at, where a former abortion doctor shows what he himself did to hundreds of unborn babies.

Women should have right to reject pregnancy, experts say (Science Daily). Well, if “experts” say something, it must be authoritative, right? Remember, we’re talking about individual human beings with their own bodies, brains, and genes (half from the father) being snuffed out. Listen to the “experts” in this article:

“We emphasise that to accept that abortion should be decriminalised for this reason is not to adopt the view that abortion is morally acceptable, but rather to recognise that there is no basis for the law to criminalise abortion as an act which has not conclusively been demonstrated to be morally unacceptable.”

Not demonstrated by whom? Millions of people believe abortion is morally unacceptable! How can Dr Andrew McGee presume to speak for them? One can imagine similar arguments being used by “experts” in Nazi Germany to justify what they did. McGee’s use of “should” is his own attempt to impose his own morality on everyone else. And aren’t leftists the very ones who complain about Christians and conservatives trying to shove their morality down other people’s throats? When, oh, when, will Science Daily or any of the other “mainstream” science news outlets give a voice to the pro-life side?

Iowa governor signs nation’s strictest abortion law (Barbara Rodriguez, Associated Press). Anything printed with the Associated Press seal of approval on it is bound to be republished verbatim by  practically every mainstream news service in the world, so watch for the spin here.

The bill signing came shortly after the Iowa affiliates of Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union warned that they would sue the governor if she signed the bill, which the Republican-controlled Legislature approved during after-hours votes earlier in the week.

We will challenge this law with absolutely everything we have on behalf of our patients because Iowa will not go back,” Suzanna de Baca, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, said in a statement.

Although the article provides a few token statements from pro-lifers, Rodriguez clearly gives more space and passion to critics of the bill, including the largest abortion provider in the country, Planned Parenthood: you know, the ones who make money selling body parts of aborted babies to conscience-deprived secular scientists.

Other Leftist Propaganda Posing as Science

Status threat, not economic hardship, explains the 2016 presidential vote (PNAS). Diana Mutz gets prime time in the most prestigious science journal in America to promote her own leftist opinion. If you voted for Donald Trump, she argues in a pseudo-scientific political post, you’re probably just a white person afraid of losing your traditional position in an evolving society: “changing preferences were related to changes in the party’s positions on issues related to American global dominance and the rise of a majority–minority America: issues that threaten white Americans’ sense of dominant group status.” When did science journals turn into political propaganda for the left? These days, it’s almost unimaginable that a conservative scholar would get a hearing on this prime platform.

Leftists are life-despisers and totalitarians. They want to drastically reduce human presence on this planet. Abortion is just one facet of their misanthropic mindset; eugenics is another. They also want to force everyone to think like they do, and they will scream hate speech at anyone who disagrees. They are masters of euphemism and misdirection (hear Michael Knowles explain this at Prager University, “Control the Words, Control the Culture.”). Lovers of Darwin, they are the intellectual and societal heirs of Karl Marx, whose 200th birthday yesterday was NOT an occasion for celebration (Breitart 1, Breitbart 2).

The solution? Keep leftists out of office, don’t ever trust them with power, and do the right thing even when they scream.

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