August 15, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

Convincing Answer to Questions of Sex and Gender Presented

Prize-winning author Nancy Pearcey’s new book answers hard questions about human sexuality in her latest book.

Christ followers often find it difficult to handle the rise of LGBT activists and the questions they present to traditional morality and family. Without any of the judgmentalism homosexuals might expect from Christians, Nancy Pearcey’s new book Love Thy Body presents arguments that even some in the movement say make sense.

ID the Future presented two podcast interviews with Nancy Pearcey where she explains what the book is about:

  • In Episode 1, Pearcey explains her “high view of the body” and how it offers solutions for those questioning their sexual feelings.
  • In Episode 2, Pearcey explains the value of harmony and coherence, and how opponents of design find themselves unable to live according to their own convictions.

In addition to the book, Pearcey is featured in some video interviews online. She has many examples of homosexuals and transgenders who found harmony in their lives by considering her arguments, which capitalize on the “good design” of humanity.

Note to readers: Reporting at Creation-Evolution Headlines will be spotty for the rest of the month as the Editor takes some breaks – some obligatory and some for well-needed rest. During the breaks, we may link to other resources of interest. Regular reporting here will pick up again in September.


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