August 16, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

Creation Research Advances

Look at how much detailed scientific work was presented at the recent International Conference on Creationism.

Is creation a “science stopper” as its critics allege? Does science end with a terse statement, “God did it?” That charge is clearly falsified by the Abstracts of the 8th International Conference on Creationism (ICC) that completed last week in Pittsburgh. Forty abstracts of papers presented at the conference are available for reading at the ICC website. They cover subjects from geology to genetics, from cosmology to fossils, from ecology to education, and more. A newsletter from the documentary film “Is Genesis History?” says,

As we state in the film, there are lots of things that are hard to understand about what happened in the past, no matter one’s paradigm of Earth history. Scientists are scientists because they want to figure out difficult questions. Here is a fascinating snapshot of their progress.

Many of the presenters have PhDs in their respective fields. This conference included the same kinds of interactions and vigorous discussions as one would find at any other scientific conference, except without the obligatory homage to Charles Darwin.

Note to readers: Reporting at Creation-Evolution Headlines will be spotty for the rest of the month as the Editor takes some breaks – some obligatory and some for well-needed rest. During the breaks, we may link to other resources of interest. Regular reporting here will pick up again in September.

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