December 2, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

Biological Fact: Men and Women Are Different

Today’s trend of gender confusion flies in the face of science. Who is “anti-science” in this hotbed political issue?

The transgender movement tries to separate sex at birth from gender identity later in life. Birth sex, they might agree, is biologically evident in all but rare cases, but gender is fluid, they say, and can be a choice. Extremists have invented dozens of new genders people can “identify” with, and insist that others must use distinct pronouns to refer to them. They even want to eliminate the words “men” and “women” from public vocabulary, akin to Newspeak in Orwell’s 1984.

And yet the biological differences between males and females do not stop at birth; they continue onward, leading to distinct differences throughout life. These differences are not just external, but internal as well, even in the mind. Scientific papers continue to report these differences no matter what marchers and activists say on their placards.

X and Y chromosomes differ dramatically in size and content

Sex Chromosome Effects on Male–Female Differences in Mammals (Current Biology). These authors affirm that sex differences are pervasive, and biologically evident down to the cellular level. It is unlikely that treatment with sex hormones will change these innate differences.

Fundamental differences exist between males and females, encompassing anatomy, physiology, behaviour, and genetics. Such differences undoubtedly play a part in the well documented, yet poorly understood, disparity in disease susceptibility between the sexes. Although traditionally attributed to gonadal sex hormone effects, recent work has begun to shed more light on the contribution of genetics — and in particular the sex chromosomes — to these sexual dimorphisms. Here, we explore the accumulating evidence for a significant genetic component to mammalian sexual dimorphism through the paradigm of sex chromosome evolution…. A functional result of these differences is cell autonomous sexual dimorphism. By understanding the process that changed a pair of homologous ancestral autosomes into the extant mammalian X and Y, we believe it easier to consider the mechanisms that may contribute to hormone-independent male–female differences.

Psychotropic use patterns: Are there differences between men and women? (PLoS One). Based on a study of adults in Campinas, Brazil, scientists concluded, “The present results confirm the greater use of psychotropic agents, especially antidepressants, in the female sex and reveal that the pattern of associated factors differs between sexes. It is therefore necessary to understand the peculiarities of each sex that exert an influence on the perception of health problems and the desire to seek care, which, in turn, affect the use of psychotropic agents.”

Stress-induced effects on heart blood flow differ for men versus women (Science Daily). “Mental stress-induced myocardial ischemia occurs in both men and women, although younger women tend to have more of this phenomenon. While MSIMI is linked to worse cardiovascular outcomes in both sexes, there may be sex differences in the mechanism through which stress can trigger MSIMI, according to new research by Viola Vaccarino, Md, PhD, and colleagues, of Emory University School of Public Health and School of Medicine, Atlanta.”

Why older women are less healthy than older men (Science Daily). Have you ever heard of the “male-female health survival paradox”? Older women are more ill in old age, but men are more likely to die at any age. There appears to be a biological reason. “Genes that act late in life could explain why women have poorer health than men in older age, according to new research.”

Differences between male and female fat tissue, and health (Science Daily). Linda Andrews writes, “New research from York University on fat tissue is providing an important clue as to how females stay healthier than males, even as their body fat increases.”

Soccer heading worse for women’s brains than for men’s (Medical Xpress). Perhaps men are more thick-skulled than women. Will this factor into Title IX rules for sports?

Women’s brains are much more vulnerable than men’s to injury from repeated soccer heading, according to a new study by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, part of Montefiore. The study found that regions of damaged brain tissue were five times more extensive in female soccer players than in males, suggesting that sex-specific guidelines may be warranted for preventing soccer-related head injuries. The results were published online today in Radiology.

Snoring poses greater cardiac risk to women (Science Daily). This comes from the Radiological Society of North America: “Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring may lead to earlier impairment of cardiac function in women than in men, according to a new study.”

Sex, drugs and estradiol: Why cannabis affects women differently (Science Daily). If gender is just a figment of the imagination, or of hormones or social constructs, why would this be true? “Cannabis use is riding high on a decade-long wave of decriminalization, legalization and unregulated synthetic substitutes. As society examines the impact, an interesting disparity has become apparent: the risks are different in females than in males.”

Virtual reality assessment of walking and non-walking space in men and women with virtual reality-based tasks (PLoS One). Using virtual-reality tests on 60 men and 60 women, this study determined that “men outperformed women, committing less number of errors in both virtual tasks.” This only indicates sexual differences in certain cognitive skills; men are good at some, women are better at others. The authors had no hesitation stating these well-known facts that previous studies have supported:

Furthermore, spatial cognition is directly related to gender. Hence, men and women have proven to use different spatial abilities in which male outperform their female counterparts. This was previously reported in several virtual reality-based tasks as well as in different versions of the Boxes Room task. Women committed more errors than men no matter if they used distal landmarks or proximal landmarks. It is noticeable that sexual dimorphism depended on the level of difficulty. Thus, differences appeared in levels of medium difficulty but disappeared when low or high difficulty conditions were used.

Nephrologists may need more training in women’s health issues (Medical Xpress). Don’t both sexes have kidneys? Shouldn’t nephrologists (kidney doctors) be politically correct and treat their patients equally? That would ignore the biological fact that women’s kidney treatments are complicated by “menstrual disorders, contraception, osteoporosis and menopause.”

Men are less likely than women to survive some cancers, study shows (Medical Xpress). Apparently cancer doesn’t care about the LGBT movement. It must be sexist.

Men with particular cancers generally fare worse than women with the same cancers, new Australian research has found.

Published in Cancer Causes & Control, the Cancer Council Victoria and University of Melbourne-led population-based study found men had a survival disadvantage relative to women for 11 of the 25 cancer types investigated.

Women had lower survival than men for bladder cancer and cancers of renal pelvis or ureter. The sex differences were generally greatest for people diagnosed at younger ages. For 12 cancer types, there were no differences in net survival.

Obviously, too, women never get testicular cancer, prostate cancer, or penile cancer, and men do not get ovarian cancer or uterine cancer. Men are far less likely to get breast cancer (although some do).


These are just a few samples of scientific reports and research papers that illustrate gender differences linked to biology. None of these reports or paper even dream of other genders. They are always about male/female, men/women differences. The differences are biological. They are universal, global, non-racial, non-sectarian, and non-cultural. They exist from conception through old age. No generation till the present has ever conceived of multi-genderism. Yet institutions like Drexel University are walking a fine line, trying to be supportive of the transgender cause in spite of the science. In, waving a gender-neutral flag, they ask, “Would a new definition of gender erase trans people?” The University is bending over backward to ease transgender fears that the Trump administration’s definition of gender as biological sex would harm the gender-confused students.

In the image of God He made them; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:27 (Credit: models at the Creation Museum, Kentucky; photo by DFC)

Some rational people may just laugh this off as the latest progressive insanity. But the gender radicals are gaining alarming power, and will likely start calling normal people “insanity-phobes” for wanting to stay sane. Already, we have seen Nature fall in line and claim that the Trump administrations definition of gender (as biological sex at birth) has no basis in science (3 Nov 2018). Deep-state progressives and Obama holdovers in the federal government try to sneak gender non-discrimination language into trade deals, military regulations and omnibus bills. James Dobson warned that time is running out to fix the transgender mandate in a trade deal (WND). Universities are punishing straight people who will not bow the knee to the PC totalitarians, and cities or states are denying contracts to those who will not pledge non-discrimination language to LGBT dictators. Companies like AirBnB require it; Twitter is starting to drop users who transgress their gender rules, and a new wave of lawsuits will punish businesses who refuse to use their talents to affirm transgenderism, like they already have for those who would not affirm gay marriage (e.g., Jack Phillips, Baronelle Stutzman). The transgender activists would change every bathroom in the country, taking off “men” and “women” signs, and letting anybody use any bathroom, including men invading the privacy of women’s personal space in bathrooms and changing rooms. Target Stores have still not repented of this evil (don’t shop there this Christmas). This is no game; it is serious, and getting worse. And yet conservatives, who affirm only male/female and men/women, have the science behind them! To borrow a phrase, the price of sanity is eternal vigilance.

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