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Holocaust Intensity Worse than Believed

The Holocaust: New Research Shows It Was Worse than Formerly Believed

 by Jerry Bergman, PhD

The Holocaust, the Nazi attempt to annihilate European Jewry during World War II (1939–1945), is “one of the most destructive and murderous events in the history of human civilization.”[1] Unfortunately, we humans have not learned much from the past, and the “Never Again” mantra has proven to be an empty phrase. As Lewi Stone noted in a recent paper, over the last 70 years, genocides and mass killings have continued unabated: “Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur, Burundi, Syria, and Myanmar have all experienced mass-murder”[2] in the last few decades.

For this reason, Stone writes that obtaining a deeper understanding of the causes and predictability of genocides and mass killing is about the “the most important goal of social science.”[3] Stone added, the “lessons learned from the Holocaust . . . remain as timely as ever.”[4] It also highlights the fact that anti-Semitism is still very much alive in the West.

One Modern Example

Armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and shouting anti-Semitic slurs, Robert Bowers opened fire inside a synagogue in Pittsburgh in October, 2018,  killing 11 congregants and wounding six others.[5] This event is related to the research for my latest book on the Holocaust. Much also is in the news about modern cultural trends in America, such as “social justice,” meaning justice in Marxist terms. Social justice demands equal distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in all areas of society. One way social justice is promoted is by pushing the concept of “white privilege,” the idea that whites have unfair privileges other groups don’t have. Social justice demands correcting this disparity by force, if necessary. One solution is group punishment, which means that certain groups, such as white males, having an unfair advantage in society, must be removed to achieve equality.

I once taught a college course called Cultural Diversity which covered certain minority groups to help the students understand and sympathize with them, as well as to motivate support for their struggles to obtain equal rights. Given my background, I added a short unit on Jews. When college administrators realized this, the course was openly taken away from me for this reason. I was told that ‘the American problem is white males and, as Jews are white males, they are part of the problem.’ Is history being repeated in America?

Stone writes, “Because Auschwitz has long been viewed as the central symbol of the Holocaust, the Reinhard death camps have received relatively less attention for many years. While Auschwitz had a reasonable number of survivors to reconstruct the history, very few survived the camps of Operation Reinhard to convey their experiences. Partly for these reasons, Pohl pointed out in 2004 that the three main death camps ‘“Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka became, from the Spring of 1942, the murder site of almost half of Polish Jewry [i.e., ~1.7 million people], but no scholarly camp monograph has yet been published.’ ”

What Social Justice Meant for German Jews

The Jews in Germany played a leading role in many German professions, including finance, business, medicine, and culture from about 1820 to 1930. Thereby, according to “social justice” theory, Jews’ white privilege was denying ethnic Germans full access to these benefits. Social Justice demanded that Jews relinquish their positions and even pay reparations to der Volk. Because many German Jews were very wealthy, their property was confiscated and given to ‘deserving’ Germans. The perception was that they stole this wealth by cheating from the German people, thus it was only fair that they give it back to its rightful owners.

Many non-Jewish Germans thus believed the confiscation of Jewish property was justified. Consequently, the vast majority of Germans fully agreed, or at least did not oppose, the reparations Jews were forced to pay. The last step was to send Jews to concentration camps to work to help pay for the ‘just’ reparations to the German people. Most Jewish Professors, including Einstein, were removed from their positions to allow Germans to take their place. Consequently, very few professors complained about the forced removal of Jews from the professorate. The same thing occurred in other professions.  The textbook I used for my Cultural Diversity course which covered this issue was replaced by a text on white privilege and what can be done about it to insure all non-whites have the same opportunities as white males. Will America, in a small way, repeat the German experience with “social justice” ?

The New Research: A Burst of Killing

Operation Reinhard (1942–1943), named after the director of the operation, Reinhard Heydrich, was the largest single murder campaign of the Holocaust.[6] Previously, it was estimated that the Nazis murdered a total of 1.7 million Jews from all of German-occupied Poland during all of the 21 months of this operation. But now, using a dataset obtained from railway transportation records, Lewi Stone found the Holocaust kill rate during a short 100-day (three months) surge Operation Reinhard was close to ten times higher than previous estimates for this 100 days. In short,  over 1.47 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during this short 100-day surge. This number was over 25% of all Jews killed during the entire six years of World War II.[7]

Over 1.47 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during a short 100-day surge.

How the Nazis achieved this enormous feat, killing so many during a short three month span is the subject of my next book.[8] In short, scientists and professors from leading German universities provided the help required to achieve Nazi goals. An example is Dr. Friedrich Zahn, who wrote in the official Journal of the German Statistical Society that Hitler’s government demands people strong in character and discipline, but who have useful knowledge as well. It demands, not only political and economic soldiers, but also scientific soldiers, and many German university professors were ready, willing, and able to help the Nazis achieve their nefarious goals.[9]

Fig. 1 from Lewi Stone’s paper, “Quantifying the Holocaust: Hyperintense kill rates during the Nazi genocide” (Science Advances, 2 Jan 2019). Magenta bar shows level of Rwanda genocide kill rate for comparison.

American Accomplices

The American company IBM also strove to keep up with the Nazi task and continually made improvements in their hardware and software to achieve this Nazi goal. To help the Nazi regime, four of IBM’s brightest engineers and managers were transferred from America to Germany to help with the logistics of moving masses of people by train. This technology was important for the Nazis, who needed to keep up with their goals of eliminating tens of millions of “sub-humans” and move ethnically pure persons into the territory those tens of millions of “sub-humans” once owned. The innovations produced to achieve this task resulted in scores of new and valuable patents for IBM.[10]

To achieve their goal to exterminate the Jews, the Nazi administrators had to locate hundreds of box cars, move the number of them required to the locations where the Jews were, then transport the Jews to the correct camp from the hundreds used by the Nazis. All of this had to be accomplished by IBM in the time constraints and contingencies of war, which included active fighting, forward progression and retreating of armies, contingencies such as the bombing of tracks and trains, plus weather issues, to name a few salient concerns. The logistics were described by Stone as follows:

The complex logistics of this effort were solved through the involvement of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (German National Railway). The Reichsbahn employed almost half a million civil servants and 900,000 workers, who were made available for the job, and knowingly participated in the killings. The Reichsbahn shuttled victims in “special trains” that kept to a well-formulated time schedule.[11]

In the months of August and September alone, close to half a million victims each month,

were either gassed to death within hours of arrival at the death camps or shot by the Einsatzgruppen. More broadly, in this 3-month (92 day) period, the data in the graphs indicate that a minimum of 1.32 million victims were murdered by the Nazis, of which 292,000 were murdered by bullets [(1); section S1]. Hence, not only is Operation Reinhard the largest murder campaign within the Holocaust: It also happened at a remarkably faster pace than previously recognized.[12]

A major question about what Dwight Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial Complex is, were the American industrial executives sympathetic to Hitler’s Darwinian/eugenics views? Since eugenics was very popular in the United States up until after the war, I would say yes, but after the war and the Holocaust horrors became public, few would admit this – for good reason. Some scholars have spent a fair amount of time trying to answer this question without arriving at a firm conclusion.

In summary, the tasks required to achieve the eugenic goals of the Nazis required enormous manpower and state-of-the-art technology and machinery supplied by IBM and its many subcontractors. Without this help, they never could have achieved even a fraction of the killing they were able to do in only a few short years. So intense was their ideology, they engaged in herculean efforts toward achieving their goal of turning the world population into a pure race void of the exploiter Jews who they believe stole from the German people. This was driven by Darwinian ideology of the survival of the fittest.*

From our modern standpoint, without this help from the academics and IBM, the Nazis could never have been able to achieve the evil, plunder, terror, and murder of the Untermensch that they did in those few short years. Business tycoons were not the only American accomplices. American banks, Wall Street and other American financiers provided the money and materials that helped Germany come very close to victory in World War II. If that goal had been achieved, the world today would be a very different place. American backing contributed to the murder of over 1.47 million Jews by the Nazis, and this occurred during the short 100-day surge during the entire 21-month-long Operation Reinhard campaign that Stone documented.

*Although some Darwinists attempt to deny the role of Darwin and eugenics in the Holocaust, the documentation is overwhelming and is not denied by any Holocaust scholar.[13]


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The Holocaust is but one evil perpetrated in the name of Darwin.

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Dr. Jerry Bergman has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology at several colleges and universities including for over 40 years at Bowling Green State University, Medical College of Ohio where he was a research associate in experimental pathology, and The University of Toledo. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Ohio, Wayne State University in Detroit, the University of Toledo, and Bowling Green State University. He has over 1,300 publications in 12 languages and 40 books and monographs. His books and books that include chapters that he authored, are in over 1,500 college libraries in 27 countries. So far over 80,000 copies of the 40 books and monographs that he has authored or co-authored are in print. For more articles by Dr Bergman, see his Author Profile.

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