January 3, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

Will Humpty Darwin Fall in 2019?

Darwinism has so many failures, can it survive? Don’t underestimate the power of illogical worldviews tenaciously held.

Ever since Darwin published On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, critics have been many and vocal. Many of them have been highly qualified scientists, including those who obtained pre-publication copies in 1859 until now. Nevertheless, the Darwin Empire has always succeeded in protecting Emperor Charlie inside a castle of seemingly impregnable walls. Darwin’s protectors also mastered political methods to ostracize critics and exile them outside those walls, calling them “ignorant” and “pseudo-scientific” people who just “don’t understand evolution.” Wanting to be in the good graces of the powerful, onlookers have generally sided with the Darwin Party, not wanting to be expelled by the Darwin enforcers or labeled Darwinophobes. Emperor Darwin occasionally parades on top of the walls in his new clothes like a dictator at a military parade, showing how solid the walls are.

The creationist Visigoths outside (9 May 2006), though, have not taken the bluff. They repeatedly hammer at the walls with their battering rams (before Darwin Army soldiers pour boiling oil on them), pointing out that the bricks are easily dislodged. But citizens inside never hear this. A master of the media, the Emperor and his henchmen ensure that no citizen hears anything but utter and total victory of the Empire in the public schools. Meanwhile, Darwin-approved masons are always at the ready to repair the walls with endless supplies of Darwin Flubber as mortar.

Humpty Darwin sits on a wall of foam bricks held together by decayed mortar. Cartoon by Brett Miller commissioned for CEH. All rights reserved.

Empires rise and fall. One day, Humpty Darwin may sit on his wall right when it crumbles, and none of the king’s horse series and none of the king’s hominins will be able to put him back together again. The fall of the Darwin Empire could be quick and catastrophic. Will 2019 be the year?

The Propaganda Stream

Here’s how news articles hide the situation from the public. The following news items exemplify the pro-Darwin Media tactics of Proof by Obfuscation and Demonstration by Assertion. The observations in these articles have nothing to do with Darwin’s theory. They essentially substitute “evolved” for “is designed for a purpose.” An unbiased observer could look at the evidence and see functional adaptation, but is quickly told by the New Teacher (21 Dec 2005) that, no matter how exquisite the design looks, “it evolved”—end of story. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Lost ‘Darwinia’ islands could be origin of species in the Galapagos (New Scientist). The famous Galapagos animals that made Darwin famous are too different from the mainland. They need missing links, so scientists invent imaginary ones that must have evolved on underwater islands nearby. With high perhapsimaybecouldness index and vivid imagination, moyboy mason Colin Barras lays on the Darwin Flubber thick: “MILLIONS of years before the Galapagos Islands existed, there was another archipelago in the same stretch of water off the west coast of South America. And it seems those long-vanished lands probably shaped the evolution of some of the unusual Galapagos wildlife that later inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.”

First Steps: Scientists launch evolutionary study to explore the origins of fish that walk (Phys.org). This article shows the busy work of Darwin guild members, looking for evidence they admit they don’t have. “There have not been many models or preserved fossil records available to help us understand how the pelvis evolved and formed in the first tetrapods that developed appendages from fins to walk on land,” one says. But what can one species of blind fish tell them about that? It becomes their divination tool to tell just-so stories in the Darwin Theater.

Explaining differences in rates of evolution (Science Daily). This exercise in navel-gazing never questions the paradigm, but just tries to hold the Darwin bricks together with a specially-concocted recipe for Darwin Flubber with more of the Emergence ingredient.

How much are we learning about the genome? Natural selection is science’s best critic (Science Daily). When you use Darwin’s theory to analyze genes, what will you find? Darwin’s theory, of course. It’s like the proverbial man with a hammer who sees every problem as a nail. These scientists see the lack of evolution as evidence for evolution! “If natural selection has been a powerful influence on a site in the genome — preserving it for countless generations despite mutation and evolution — this part of the genome should be important for survival.” Darwin can’t lose.

Natural selection in the womb can explain health problems in adulthood (Medical Xpress). Babies grow from fertilization to birth. What does that have to do with Darwin’s theory of natural selection? Nothing. But these scientists use Darwin’s phrase “natural selection” (i.e., the Stuff Happens Law) as a divining rod to give him glory for something he did not explain: the astonishingly accurate development of an adult from a pinhead-size zygote.

A Coming Revolution?

Examples like the above could be multiplied indefinitely, but you get the point. No alternatives are ever allowed in print by Big Media, who along with Big Science, has sworn allegiance to Emperor Charlie. The Darwinist censors guarantee it.

The situation seems hopeless for the Visigoths at the gates, but their are signs the Empire is not as solid as claimed. At Evolution News, Brian Miller writes about “The Intelligent Design Underground” as a hopeful sign against a backdrop of despair:

I joined Discovery Institute two years ago, but I had been reading the works of ID scientists since Michael Denton wrote Evolution: A Theory in Crisis in the mid Eighties. In the following decades, I spent countless hours reading intelligent design literature, and then the critiques of that literature, and then the responses to those critiques. I felt untold angst in seeing how the writings of design theorists were consistently misrepresented to the public and how design critics ignored the responses to their critiques’ errors. I longed for the day when I could help present the truth to the public.

In his work as Research Coordinator for the Discovery Institute, Miller has seen a growing “underground” of Darwin dissidents making inroads against the Empire. He also describes several tottering pillars of Darwinism in recent years, including the rarity of functional proteins in sequence space, patterns in taxonomy that contradict Darwin’s tree, and genetic discoveries that show degradation, not innovation. He also has witnessed scientists using the design intuition in their work – an intuition that is Undeniable as the title of Douglas Axe’s book insists.

The Discovery Institute will also be publishing new books by Michael Behe and Stephen Meyer in 2019. Creation ministries around the world are still strong and influential. Illustra Media has made more of its videos available for free on the web (see their YouTube channel), with more foreign language translations coming. In ways that Darwin skeptics of the 19th century could never dream of, the internet and social media have enabled creationists to reach a worldwide audience with scientific and philosophical evidences undermining the Empire.

Read this book and get very angry at the totalitarian Darwin enforcers.

Despite Miller’s hope, we at CEH have seen the Darwin Empire just as intractable to change as when we started reporting almost 19 years ago. So successful is the Empire at Censoring the Darwin Skeptics, as Jerry Bergman’s book relates in detail, we cannot raise hopes that anything will change soon. The DODOs still run Big Media, Big Education, Big Law, and Big Science with an iron fist, and push their DOPE on students unaware of its toxic and addictive effects. Those not intoxicated yet need clear heads to keep battering the walls faster than the Darwin masons can repair them. When Humpty Darwin falls, there will be no way to hide the fact that his supporters have egg on their faces.

A word to the wise Darwin skeptics: this is a team effort. We need to work together. Some creationists spend their energy fighting each other, making mountains out of irrelevant molehills. Just as a nation’s armed forces require ambassadors as well as infantrymen, and a navy as well as an air force, the revolution against evolution needs many players of different talents and priorities, all united in a common cause. Avoid the temptation to publicly attack others in the same battle when they don’t agree on everything. This does not mean compromise or violating conscience; and it’s OK to state your own positions and support them. But prudence dictates knowing when to say something, and when to remain silent. Take counsel from Proverbs 10:19 – “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.”

Note: We deeply appreciate Brett Miller’s talent as an illustrator and thank him for his support of CEH with numerous thought-provoking and humorous illustrations, including the new “Humpty Darwin” cartoon presented today. Thanks also to J. Beverly Greene whose unique style has graced these pages and greatly enhanced our biography series.


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